How to Use Window Curtains in Graham for Decorative Purposes

While Graham window curtains offer practical benefits, they are often used for decorative needs. The big question for many is how they can use the curtains in a way that’s decorative. The curtains don’t even need to sit around the windows to work. Here are ideas to get you started.

Use Other Window Treatments Too

Let’s start with the curtains around your windows. After all, this is the most natural place to use them, right? The best way to make your curtains decorative is by using other window treatments for the practical benefits. You can opt for shutters, blinds, net curtains, and shades for other benefits.

It’s also possible to get this benefit by doubling up with your window curtains in Graham. Opt for a sheer curtain liner as the way to block out glare and improve privacy. A set of curtains can then hang around the windows to dress around the windows.

You’ll also want to use a runner along the top of your windows. Make this the same color as your curtains to create a three-quarter dress for the whole window. You can continue this by painting the window ledge (and even frame) in the same color as your curtains.

Dress Your Mirrors and Wall

Rather than using your Graham window curtains for the windows, you can also opt for decorative approaches on your walls. There are a couple of ways that you can do this, depending on the exact types of curtains you have.

Let’s start with using curtains in a similar way as you would around the windows. Place them to dress artwork and mirrors. You can use larger curtains to cut down and resize to smaller options for individual portraits and photos if you’d like. However, keeping your curtains long will look better.

Another option is to use your curtains as a backdrop, working as paintwork or wallpaper so there’s no permanent change to your walls. This is beneficial when you’re renting a space and don’t want to pay for replacing the chances you’ve made. If you have decorative window curtains in Graham, you can always make them the artwork to look at. Hang them as you would photos or other artwork. This is popular for nurseries when custom curtains are made by friends and family members.

Make a Beautiful Divider

Sometimes you need to divide your room up and curtains are great for this. They hang naturally and offer privacy instantly. They’re also easy to use on a daily basis. You can use them to add a decorative divider in your home. Opt for colors that match your décor or use a pattern or printed curtain to create something to look at and add beauty to the “wall” you’ve put up.

Graham window curtains make beautiful decorative pieces for the home. They can be used around the windows or you can add them to other parts of the home. The best thing is you can still get some practical benefits, too!