How to Pick the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Cellular Shades in Puyallup

You know you want cellular shades in Puyallup. That’s one decision out of the way. Now you need to think about your décor needs. It’s time to choose color. This is more than just picking a color you like, as it needs to work with your color scheme.

Not got a color scheme yet? Here’s how to pick the perfect color scheme for your cellular shades.

Use the Coloring in Your Rug or Carpet

Start with the color scheme in elements already in your home. The rug or carpet is likely something you don’t want to change, so you’ll want to use colors already within the materials to build upon the existing color scheme.

You don’t just have to choose the main color from the carpet for your cellular shades in Puyallup. Work with one of the secondary colors. This helps to bring that secondary color out, adding to the beauty.

If there aren’t any secondary colors, you can work with your own secondary color. Work with contrasting shades or colors. You can also work with neutral colors and add a secondary of the main carpet color to make that stand out.

Work with the Furniture for Cellular Shades in Puyallup Colors

Like your carpets, you likely won’t want to change the furniture you already have. That means working with colors and styles of those items already in your home. There are a few ways to use your furniture as the basis of your color scheme.

Start with the actual color of your upholstery or your woodwork. Work with that as the main color of your scheme in the room. You can either select the same color or build upon it. Or you can do what you’ve done with carpets and opt for a contrasting color.

Stay Neutral for Crisp, Clean Colors

If you’re still not sure, you could always work with neutral color for now. Cellular shades in Puyallup are affordable and easy to switch. They will also save you money in the long term on your heating bills, which helps to make your investment more than worthwhile, even just temporarily.

Work with whites and creams. The lighter colors offer more benefits when it comes to heating and cooling, but also help to make smaller spaces look larger. They can be highly beneficial for bedrooms and dining rooms, creating a crisp and clean look.

Build Upon the Base Color

Whatever you have as the base color, you’ll need to build upon this. The color scheme building works with more than just the cellular shades in Puyallup. You’ll also want to think about the ornaments, throws or pillows, artwork, and even wallpaper and area rugs.

Decide what you’re going to initially change or what you’re going to use as the base. Slowly build up to help your cellular shades, rugs, and more blend and work with the styles and shades. You will then have a room that pulls out individuals colors and where your cellular shades in Puyallup work aesthetically for years to come