How to Choose the Best Material for Your Blinds in Graham

There are many types of window treatments. You’ve finally chosen blinds in Graham and now you need to start looking at the material options. Do you choose real wood blinds? What about faux wood or even a fabric material? Which is the right option for you?

There’s no wrong or right answer to this question. The problem with materials is they all have their own pros and cons. The answer of the best one will depend on factors such as room direction, décor, and budget. Here are four factors to consider to help choose the best material for your blinds in Graham.

Consider the Heat Coming Into the Room

If you have a south-facing room, you’ll want to consider getting a durable material like faux wood. Fabric and real wood can be okay, but faux wood has the protective coating that helps to make the blinds last longer. The material doesn’t warp or break down due to the heat coming through the window.

You’ll also need to consider the UV rays. Fabric won’t warp in the heat like real wood, but it will break down and suffer UV rot. Faux wood doesn’t have that issue.

Think About Your Budget for Blinds in Graham

Of course, you need to think about the short-term budget requirements. How much money do you have to purchase the blinds? Each of the materials will have their own starting points in terms of costs. While faux wood blinds may be your preference, you’ll need to consider whether they fit into your budget right now.

Faux and real wood are the most expensive types of materials you’ll get. Fabric and metal tend to be the cheaper options. And cheap doesn’t mean low quality. When getting your blinds in Graham, look at the durability and the reputation of the manufacturer to make sure you get the best for your buck.

Know Your Benefits

Fabric blinds are among the cheapest and they can be among the easiest to match with other décor, but there is a major downside to them. While they offer lighting control, they’re not great at heat management. The material isn’t designed to prevent the heat leaving through the window.

If you want something that is good for heating control, you’ll want to consider the likes of faux or real wood or even aluminum blinds in Graham. They help to reduce the costs on your energy bills, making them better for the long term.

Think About the Room

Once you’ve thought about the direction of the room, you’ll need to think about what goes on in the room. Consider the temperature and humidity levels. Yes, this is aimed towards the window treatments that go into the bathroom.

Some materials are bad for keeping hold of moisture. This is especially the case for fabric and some wood. You’ll want to consider metal or faux wood for the bathroom to avoid mold issues.

Which type of material is best for your home? Consider the factors above to choose the best blinds in Graham.