How Exactly Do Cordless Shades in Puyallup Work?

You know that Puyallup cordless shades are the safest for the whole family. They can also look good, getting rid of the dangling ropes and beaded cords. However, there is a major question for many people looking into these types of shades. How exactly do they work without the cords to open and close them?

It Depends on the Shade

The first thing to know is that each type of shade or blind will work differently. While some will work with a pulley or locking system, others work on sliders. The type you get will depend on the style of shade you want to buy for your windows, the benefits and uses you want to gain, and whether the cordless shades in Puyallup match your overall décor.

Now you know that it’s time to look into individual types of shades to see how they work. We’ll focus on cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades, and solar shades.

Cellular Shades on a Slider

Cellular shades are among the most popular types of Puyallup cordless shades. They sit within the frame of your window in a slider system. All you do is click on the locking system in the middle of the shade and move the material up or down. The benefit of cellular (or sometimes known as honeycomb) shades is that they can open bottom up or top down. This offers a little more light control and other benefits.

Roller Shades in a Pulley and Lock System

The majority of cordless roller shades will come with a pulley and locking system. There are two ways that this type of system can work, with the most popular similar to your roller visors for the car.

You pull down on the center of the shade to close it over your window. It locks in place at strategic points, making sure you can shut partially or fully depending on the amount of light you want to block out. Sometimes you need to pull down again to unlock the system and let it glide back up to the opening setting. In other cases, there’s a button on the side (like with window visors) that will unlock the shade and open it up automatically.

Solar and roman shades tend to work the same when looking at these as cordless shade sin Puyallup.

Consider Motorized Shades

One of the easiest ways to get Puyallup cordless shades to work is to opt for motorized options instead. These are extremely easy to use, giving you the chance to press a button and you’ll open and close your blinds with ease. There are different types of motorized blinds, whether you want to be wired to your light switch or battery-powered for easier use.

Puyallup cordless shades are among the best options for your home and extremely simple to use. Whether you want to spend the money on motorized blinds or you’re looking for something simple and cheap to add, you’ll find something to keep your family safe. Now you just have to choose the best option for your needs.