How Cellular Blinds in Tacoma Help to Offer More Light Control

At first, it can look like Tacoma cellular blinds don’t offer many lighting benefits. You can open and close them, creating a full block against the light or letting all the light in at once. This can sometimes go against what you really want from your window coverings.

With the right cellular blinds, you’ll get the exact opposite. It’s possible to get the full light control that other coverings can’t offer. Here’s how they offer you more light control.

Lighter Materials to Block Just the Glare

One of the major benefits is the material and coloring that is often used for cellular blinds. You’ll usually get lighter material, which allows some light into the room. That means when you shut the blinds, you don’t actually create a full blackout effect. You block the glare and not all the light. It’s possible to use the blinds during the day and still see around the home.

This doesn’t affect the heating benefits of cellular shades in Tacoma. That benefit you get with the heat (or cooling, depending on the season) comes from the honeycomb sections. Even with thinner material, you still get the heat circulating back the way it came.

Coloring and thickness will have some effect. The thicker materials do help to keep more heat in the room, but you’ll lose some of the lighting control. You’ll need to decide what is most important to you.

Open from Both Ways

Many cellular blinds in Tacoma work with a cordless feature that places them in frames to cover the whole window. They often sit in the middle of the window, allowing you to open from either the top or the bottom. This allows far more benefits when it comes to lighting control.

For example, you may want to block the light shining from the bottom of your window, while still allowing light to shine directly in the room from the top. You can keep the top half of the blinds open, while still reducing the glare directly on your face. On the other hand, you can work the blinds the way you would other types of shades and blinds, opening the bottom half but easily keep the top half covered.

Of course, when you want full privacy, you just have to shut the whole blind. This is effective day and night, regardless of the thickness of the material. Even the thicker, darker materials that match your décor will work well for this benefit. After all, you’re opening the full blind. You’ll also get more heating benefits with the in-frame options since there are no gaps for the heat to exit through.

Before you rule out Tacoma cellular blinds because of what seems like a lack of lighting control, look at all your benefits. You may just find they offer exactly what you need, without losing the heating benefits and while keeping the costs to a minimum. They are excellent additions to bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms for all the lighting control benefits.