Everything You Should Know about Roman Shades in Tacoma Before Buying

Whatever type of window treatment you get, you need to make sure it’s the right one for you. Roman shades in Tacoma certainly look beautiful and offer a range of benefits, but are they really the right one for your home. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of shade before you buy.

There Are Different Types of Pleats

You likely think of the cascading shades when you initially consider roman shades. However, there’s more to the shades to the cascading look. Roman shades can come with a relaxed, flat, or a butterfly pleat.

Wait, what?

Flat pleats are the ones you usually see, while the relaxed options tend to bow at the bottom. The relaxed options are often chosen when you want a feminine, flowing looks. Butterfly pleats are becoming more popular. They dip in the middle with a pull either side of the pleats.

You May Need to Train Your Roman Shades in Tacoma

It’s not as easy as just hanging and walking away. Some types of roman shades will need some training, also known as house breaking. This is especially necessary if you get roman shades made with a thicker material.

You’ll need to make sure they fold in the correct places, otherwise the pleats won’t hang properly. If you get butterfly pleats, you’ll need to make sure the material draws up right to create the uniform crinkle.

The more you use the shades, the more the material conforms. After a few months of consistent use, you’ll find the pleats form automatically.

You Can Mount Inside and Outside

You’ll usually hear people recommend that you check the depth of your window to make sure it’s right for roman shades in Tacoma. The idea is that roman shades can only mount on the inside of your frame. That definitely isn’t the case.

This type of shade looks beautiful on the outside edge of your window frame. This can help to make the window look larger, making it feel like you’re letting more light in. The outside mount will also help to make the shades stand out. You’ll just need to make sure the material wraps around the mounting.

Roman Shades Take Time to Make

While roman shades in Tacoma are among the most affordable options for the windows, they’re not going to be the cheapest. This is because of the time and effort it takes to make. Even with technology, the shades need human labor to make sure the material is even and sits right.

Mistakes can often be made because this type of shade can be tricky to make. This impacts the amount that are created and the total cost.

Because of the cost, it’s often worth learning how to repair your roman shades in Tacoma by hand. This helps to prevent the need to replace should something happen before the end of their lifespan.

These can be among the most beautiful additions you can get in your home. Roman shades in Tacoma offer a number of benefits and come in a variety of materials. Just make sure you know everything you need before buying.