Did You Know Your Blinds and Curtains in Tacoma May Be Tax Deductible?

In an attempt to make homes more energy efficient, the IRS has started issuing credits for certain types of home furnishings. These need to be primarily designed to conserve more heat and reduce energy bills in the home, which does mean not all Tacoma curtains and blinds will be included. However, a small number of options are. Here’s all you need to know about the curtains and blinds that may be tax deductible.

Consider Insulated Drapes and Curtains in Tacoma

The first place to start is with the curtains and blinds that are designed to be more energy efficient in the home. Insulated drapes and curtains are highly beneficial. The material is designed to trap the heat in the home, so you use your heating less throughout the year. Your rooms remain at a consistent temperature for longer, reducing the need to put on the central heating or light a fight.

In the summer, insulated Tacoma curtains also offer the benefit of reducing the air conditioning use. They’ll keep the rays out and prevent the higher temperatures seeping into your home, so your rooms remain cooler even in the middle of a heat wave.

Think About Honeycomb Shades

As well as drapes or curtains, you can also consider honeycomb shades. They are designed to circulate the heat back in the direction that it came, whether you want to keep a room warm or cool. The way the shades are made create the honeycomb effect, easy for circulating.

You can also get the treatments with aluminum within the honeycombs. These are used to create a blackout effect in the home, but they’re also good for insulation.

Plantation Shutters Are the Best

If you want to spend a little extra than you would on cellular shades or insulated curtains in Tacoma, then you may want to consider plantation shutters. They can be added to the inside or outside of your home and will offer a range of benefits, including energy efficiency. Out of all the types of window treatments, shutters tend to be more likely accepted as tax deductible.

It’s not just plantation shutters, either. You may be able to gain through barn and café shutters.

Checking the Energy Efficiency

Before you even think about buying any of them, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer. Buying one of the above doesn’t instantly mean you get something that’s tax deductible. The manufacturer needs to state that the items are energy efficient. Make sure you get a certificate to prove it. Even if over the years the product loses its certification, you’ve got the initial proof that you bought something to make your home more energy efficient.

Your Tacoma curtains or blinds may be tax deductible. It’s worth looking at those that are deemed certified energy efficient. Spending the money now will help you save it in the future on your taxes. Plus, you save the money on your heating and air conditioning bills in the long term, so you’re in a win-win situation.