Can Drapes in Federal Way Bring Out the Summer Feel in Your Home?

When you look for window treatments for your home, you’ll want to work with the seasons. One of the things you don’t want to do is block out the sun or lose that feeling of the current season. In the summer, Federal Way drapes can initially seem like something that wouldn’t work but it can actually be the exact opposite. It’s all about getting the right type.

Opt for Lighter Drapes

Start with the coloring of your blinds, along with the material. While drapes are traditionally heavy and darker, you can get some lighter shades and materials. Look out for cotton or linen drapes in white or light yellows and oranges. They’ll help to bring the colors of nature or a crisp look that helps to leave you mentally feeling happier and brighter.

While the materials will lead to losing some of the heating and lighting benefits, they look beautiful decoratively. You can also pair the drapes in federal way with other window treatments but still get that summer feeling. Consider shutters or blinds, which can be fully opened to allow the sun in during the day but offer benefits throughout the night to help protect privacy and comfort.

Dark colors tend to work against the summery feel. They make you think of the colder nights, leaving you feeling colder and a little more down when in the room.

Work with Summery Patterns

Look out for drapes that have a summery pattern to them. You can do this with just mixing brighter colors, such as twinning oranges and yellows together. Alternatively, you can work with curtains that have a summer print, such as a beach look or the look of a forest. The idea is that you bring the outside to your home.

Keep the number of colors to a minimum to avoid overwhelm, especially when it comes to patterned Federal Way drapes. You want to make the brighter, summery colors to stand out and to feel relaxed whenever you walk through the door.

Stay away from the cooler colors in your patterns. While light blue works for skies and seas in printed drapes, it doesn’t work in patterns. The colors are associated with ice and frost, bringing the feeling of winter into your home instead.

Open as Much as Possible

It’s not all about the look of the drapes in Federal Way. You will also need to think about the way your drapes hang in the home. Try to keep them open as much as possible during the day. This allows more of the daylight into the home, so you’re left feeling brighter and happier throughout the day. You only want to close them in the evening to protect your privacy.

Drapes can look absolutely beautiful in the home and create a summery feeling. There’s no need to choose the dark and thick colors anymore. You don’t need the materials that look and feel heavy. Work with the above tips for a summer feel with Federal Way drapes.