4 Reasons to Buy Cordless Honeycomb Shades in Tacoma

Tacoma honeycomb shades come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. While you can get any type of color or pattern you want, there’s only one type to consider when it comes to the method of opening and closing. You want to get the cordless types of blinds. These are excellent for child safety, but they offer a range of other benefits. Here’s why you need to consider cordless honeycomb shades.

They Are the Safest for Your Children

Let’s get this reason out of the way because it is an important one. Honeycomb shades in Tacoma are extremely popular for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. They’re easy to use and offer a range of heating benefits. However, it’s the cordless feature that offers the true benefits. Too many deaths happen because of the cords left dangling.

While you can certainly tie the cords up, the safest option is to just get rid of them completely. You don’t have to worry about your children pulling on something that is just within arm’s reach or climbing on top of furniture to reach it, leading to the risk of falling off.

They Open from Multiple Directions

Cordless honeycomb shades in Tacoma have the benefit of opening from both top and bottom. This offers you far more benefits, while also keeping your children safe. One of the greatest things about opening from the top is keeping out the glare from the room but still allowing light in easily. It’s a little like having café shutters in the room.

The openings are extremely easy to use. You just push on the clip and move up and down in the frame. The clip is usually in the middle of the shades, which helps to avoid the issue of being too short for the top of your window!

They Offer More Heating Benefits

Because cordless Tacoma honeycomb shades fit within the frame of the window, they offer more heating benefits than many other types of blinds. The blinds don’t have any gaps to allow the heat to escape through the window, which is good for both summer and winter. You can reduce the use of your heating and air conditioning, reducing your bills throughout the year.

You’ll also feel more comfortable in your rooms with the cordless shades. The heating remains consistent without having to worry about the costs of heating.

They Offer Children’s Prints

If you want a child’s print for your Tacoma honeycomb shades, you’ll need to opt for the cordless features. Many companies have opted for cordless only, especially when it comes to most cartoon characters, because of the dangers of corded blinds. The aim is to make the rooms as safe as possible. You’ll have more character to the room and your children get the style that they’d like, adding their favorite characters to their décor.

It’s time to consider the cordless honeycomb shades in Tacoma. This is your chance to gain more benefits from window treatments while keeping your home safe.