3 Reasons You Can’t Use Solar Shades in Tacoma Bedrooms

Tacoma solar shades are beautiful additions to the home, but they don’t work for all rooms. The style of blind is perfect for those that get a lot of light during the day, but not for the rooms where you want privacy on a night. This makes them one of the worst options for bedrooms. Here are three reasons to avoid solar shades in your Tacoma bedrooms.

They Create the One-Way Mirror Effect

Let’s start with the main reason. During the day, the light coming through the solar shades will block the view coming into your home. These types of shades create the one-way mirror effect, allowing you to see out of the window through them but not allowing someone to see in. Of course, this happens the other way around when the lighting is reverse, which happens at night.

When you turn the light on in the home, you’ll block your view from outside. You don’t get the privacy that you need in your bedroom, which can leave you uncomfortable in your own home.

You Don’t Get All the Lighting Benefits

If you live near street lights or you get a lot of headlights coming towards or around your home, solar shades in Tacoma will cause a problem. Not only have you lost the privacy, but you don’t get the lighting benefits. The point of solar shades is to allow some light into your home without the glare. Of course, as night, you want to create a darker room to make it more comfortable to sleep.

When you use solar shades, you’ll get every street light shining through. The headlights can distract you and make it harder to stay asleep, so your bedroom doesn’t feel comfortable or relaxing.

Even if you’re not near other lights, on a morning you’ll get the daylight shining through. While you get rid of the glare, you still get a ruder awakening than you would with other types of shades.

There’s No Heating Benefit

Tacoma solar shades do help to block the UV rays through the day, but they do nothing on a night. During the winter, you will still lose heat through your home. On a night in the summer, you can still struggle with rooms not being the optimum temperature.

Other types of blinds and shades will create a room that’s comfortable throughout the year. You’ll find it much easier to sleep on a night, so you feel well rested the next day.

On top of that, you’ll spend more on your heating or air con, which leads to higher bill costs. If you have more optimal blinds or shades, you’ll spend less on a month, so your budgets stretch further.

It’s time to think again about your blind choices in your bedroom. Solar shades in Tacoma bedrooms just don’t work. They don’t offer the privacy or the heating benefits that you’ll crave for throughout the year. There are many better options.