3 Reasons Cellular Shades in Federal Way Are Perfect for Child Safety

When you’re looking for window treatments for the nursery, you want to find something that is safe for the children. This means getting rid of cords or at least taking steps to ensure the cords aren’t in the way or easy to reach. Federal Way cellular shades offer an excellent way to reduce the risks to your children and here are three reasons you need to consider them for your home.

They Can Be Completely Cordless

One of the biggest benefits of cell shades is that they can be completely cordless. There’s the chance to get them added into the frame of your window, making them easy to use without drawstrings. This isn’t the case with many other types of shades and blinds.

Cellular shades in Federal Way are placed into a runner. You can open and close with just a pull on a catch to open and close to your heart’s content.

By getting completely cordless blinds in the nursery or the home, you offer total child safety. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to loose cords, accidental loops, and long pieces of string. While you should still follow tips for blind and shade safety, there’s less playing on your mind.

Cords Can Be Kept Out of Reach Easily

When you do choose Federal Way cellular shades with cords, you can keep them out of reach easily. You only need to use the cords when opening and closing the blinds and it’s possible to pull them tight through the use of cleats and ties. This keeps the cords completely out of reach from children.

Of course, you need to follow tips to keep the cords away from your children’s hands. Even with the cleats, you’ll need to make sure the tension is as tight as possible.

Let’s not forget how easy the Federal Way cellular shades are. You just have to open and close and they work effectively. This is perfect when using the shades with a child in your arms. It’s possible to open and close the blinds with one hand, especially when it comes to using the cordless blinds.

You Get Heating Benefits for Safety

At the same time, the blinds are extremely effective. They’ll help to manage the heat levels in the home, which keeps the room at a safe temperature for your children. Nurseries need to be at a manageable level when it comes to the heat. This isn’t just for comfort but for safety. Rooms that get too cold or too hot can be dangerous.

Cellular shades in Federal Way will help to circulate the heat back in the direction it came. This helps to keep the use of the heating to a minimum, so there is less chance of your child burning themselves on the radiator.

Are you still looking for window treatments to offer more child safety? Consider Federal Way cellular shades for all your needs, whether you’re looking for something to manage heat levels or want to get rid of the cords.