3 Features for Cellular Shades in Tacoma for a Child’s Bedroom

You’re redecorating your child’s bedroom and now you’re looking at your window treatment options. You may have decided on Tacoma cellular shades, but now you realize there are even more choices. Just what feature should you get? What type of color or pattern do you need? Here’s a look at the three features you need to make sure cellular shades have for a child’s bedroom.

Room Darkening or Blackout Features

Start with the light control benefits. Cellular shades can be made with a thin layer of fabric that allows a little extra light into the room. This is good if you want to reduce glare but still want to keep the room light and airy. With a child’s room, you likely want to create a completely dark atmosphere for the night, especially during the summer!

Children tend to get up the first moment they spot the light outside. They find it harder to sleep in the summer nights, because it’s still light outside at 10pm in some parts of the city. Then they’re up at 4am as the sun starts to rise. Tacoma cellular shades with blackout or darkening features will help you get some sanity!

Cordless Features for Safety

Don’t forget about the dangers of some blinds. While you can put the cords out of reach and make sure furniture is nowhere near the windows, there’s only so much that you can do. Children will find ways to reach the items they want, and won’t understand the dangers of the cords. It’s best to just invest in cordless blinds and shades.

There are plenty of cellular shades in Tacoma with cordless features. Many of them are placed on runners, which are placed into the window frame. You can pull up and down and lock into place easily, often with a clip in the middle of the blinds. These types of shades can also be motorized if you decide to spend extra money.

Calming but Personal Colors and Styles

One of the important features is the look of the shades. Children want colors and designs that mean something to them, but they also need to be calming and relaxing for the bedroom. Find something that will put a smile on your child’s face, so they are always happy when they climb into bed.

Deep blues, yellows and deep reds can be beneficial. They help to create a soothing, happy and relaxing atmosphere. You can choose favorite cartoon characters, comic book heroes and more. This is a feature you’ll want to discuss with your child above, especially if siblings are sharing a room to find something everyone can agree on.

It’s time to buy your cellular shades in Tacoma. Think about the features above and how they will benefit your child’s bedroom. You don’t just want something to reduce glare. You need something that makes it easier to sleep and more enjoyable and relaxing to be in the room.