Wooden Blinds in Vashon: What Makes Them So Superior?

With so many types of blinds, shades, and other window treatments, it becomes confusing and stressful choosing the right one for your home. Wooden blinds in Vashon are all you need. They’re durable, beautiful, and practical.

Try to get real wood blinds rather than faux wood. Real wood may cost more, but it’s an investment into your home. Here’s why they are far more superior to all other window treatments.

They’re Made to Last

Wooden blinds in Vashon are made with the future in mind. As long as they’re looked after and used properly, the blinds will last for years, if not decades. They’re made with a natural material that is used to the UV rays, heat, and moisture in the air. You can also get them treated to help protect them from some of the extra heat due to positioning.

This is one of the reasons they’re an investment. Wood blinds may cost you more in the short-term, but they won’t need replacing as quickly as other types. They cost you less in the long term.

Wooden Blinds in Vashon Are Eco-Friendly

On top of that, you save money throughout your home. Because they’re natural wood, they help to regulate temperature. The material acts as a barrier, stopping the heat from escaping from the home to the outside in the middle of the winter. During the summer, they offer the opposite benefit to keep your room cool.

You get to use your heating and air conditioning less throughout the year. This means you save money on your bills, which wouldn’t be possible with many other types of blinds and shades. While there are some others that offer benefits, they are either permanent fixtures or they aren’t as durable.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Most people will focus on saving the bills, which certainly helps you save money. However, there are other ways wooden blinds in Vashon can be good for the environment. Because they are naturally made, they break down and decompose. You create less landfill by using these treatments.

Only wooden shutters offer the same benefits. Most blinds and shades are treated with a vinyl or PVC coating, which means they’re designed not to break down naturally.

They Are Easily Moved

One of the biggest benefits of wooden blinds in Vashon is that they’re easily movable. You get all the benefits of shutters without knowing you’ll need to leave them behind when you move. If you want something for a rented home that offers a range of benefits, you have it and you can take the blinds to the next rental or when you move into an owned home.

Wooden blinds are also more affordable than shutters because of this. Even if you own a home, you’ll want to consider something that suits your budget while offering financial and environmental benefits.

Are you considering a chance to your window treatments? Keep looking for wooden blinds in Vashon. They’re the most superior options of them all.