Why Roman Shades in Wauna Are Perfect in the Spring

With the spring around the corner, you’re possibly looking at ways to spruce up the home. Adding fresh window treatments is one of those options. You’ll want to consider roman shades in Wauna for your windows in the spring.

Not sure if roman shades are going to work for your needs? Here are three reasons they can be perfect for this time of the year.

They Block Out the Glare During the Day

During the day, you can end up with a  lot of sun and glare. The sun shines through the clouds and can be high in the sky. It ends up reflecting off the water on the ground, making it harder to sit in your home comfortable. So you need a window treatment to manage that, which is where roman shades in Wauna come into play.

Because of the way the shades tend to hang from the top, it’s usually possible to manage the glare coming from the top of the window. There’s no need to shut the shades completely, so you don’t end up losing any of the natural light coming through the window. There’s no need to worry about the cost of using the internal lights.

It's possible to reduce the amount of UV rays coming into the room. While you don’t get rid of all, you get rid of enough to prevent too much damage to your property and to manage the discomfort of the glare shining through.

You Add Color on Dreary Days

The spring is when the rain falls. After all, they are called April Showers for a reason. You need roman shades in Wauna to help with this. The shades will add color on the dreariest of days.

Dark days will make it depressing in your home. You need to use the internal lights, which just leads to more electricity use. You want to find a way to minimize that and boost the mood.

You can get bright colors with the window treatments. The shades will help to reflect light while add a sense of the summer months into your home. You’ll be amazed by the way your mental health is supported.

Roman Shades in Wauna Can Block Heat Loss

Spring is that time of the year when the sun tries to break through the clouds. It wants to be warm but it struggles. On a morning, you end up needing the furnace on but in the afternoon, you need the air conditioning. It’s time to stop that cycle and roman shades can help.

The big benefit is preventing heat loss on a night. While roman shades in Wauna aren’t has great as venetian blinds or plantation shutters, they are still good. The material is thicken enough to prevent heat loss when the shades are in full use. This helps to keep temperatures more consistent overnight, reducing the need for the furnace to be on during the morning.

It's time to look at window treatments for the season. Spring weather brings cold mornings but warm afternoons, and roman shades in Wauna help balance that.