Why Get Blackout Shades in Bremerton with a Solar Element

Did you know layered window treatments are becoming popular? These types of window coverings tend to have a dual layer. We’re looking at blackout shades in Bremerton with a solar shade layer behind it. Getting these types of treatments offer a range of extra benefits.

While they may be slightly more expensive and a little trickier to install, the benefits are certainly worth the downsides. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them for your home.

What Are Dual Shades?

These types of shades have two layers to them. On the side closest to the window, they have a solar shade. This works exactly like any type of solar shade you could buy.

Then on the side closest to the room, you get a thicker shade. This can be a blackout shade or just a room darkening shade. It’s a roller shade or you could get a roman shade, a blind, or something else. Instead of applying a blind and a set of curtains, you get the dual effect within one.

The Best of Both Worlds

One of the greatest benefits of these dual window coverings is that you get both light filtering and the blackout effect. When you want to just reduce the amount of glare coming into the room, you can opt for the solar shade part of the window shade. You can allow the daylight to come into the room and get all the benefits of a solar shade.

When you do want to completely block out the light, you use the blackout shades element. This is usually a quick roller shade that covers over the top of the solar shade. You gain all the benefits of a blackout shades in Bremerton on their own.

They’re great for when you work shifts or when you have children. You can use the solar shades to still allow the light but the blackout shade when sleep is necessary.

More Heating Benefits with These Blackout Shades in Bremerton

You may get a set of shades for heating benefits. You’ll gain more of these benefits with the dual shades. It’s like having a shade and a set of curtains hanging. You have more material to go through, offering the ability to prevent heat escaping the room.

During the summer, the solar shade element will prevent the glare. You still get all the benefits of having a clear window but you don’t have the increasing heat because of the lack of UV rays coming into the home.

More Privacy Benefits

There are high chances you won’t put solar shades in the bedroom because of the lack of privacy on a night. The dual blackout shades in Bremerton offer a benefit in this aspect. You can gain the privacy of solar shades during the day but then you have the layer of material to pull over to block the view in during the night.

It's certainly worth looking at all your window treatments. Consider blackout shades in Bremerton with a solar element. You’ll be surprised at the win-win situation you find yourself in.