Why Drapes in Vashon Make Such Excellent Secondary Window Treatments

Throughout the year, having secondary window treatments can be beneficial. In the winter, you get an extra layer to prevent heat loss. In the summer, you get something light to manage the glare through the window. Drapes in Vashon make excellent secondary window treatments throughout the year.

It's easy to overlook drapes, only getting them for something like a child’s bedroom or as a temporary window treatment. Don’t overlook the benefits when they’re a secondary treatment. Here’s why you should get them

They Add Color for the Dreariest of Days

Let’s just start with the fact that drapes in Vashon come in a variety of colors and styles. There is something to suit all décor needs and all color preferences. You can get something bright and bold or choose something minimalist and neutral. Either way, there is something to work along the windows even for the dreariest of days outside.

The winter and spring months can bring a lot of dullness to the home. You want to quickly add color without changing your more permanent window treatment on the window. Drapes come in a variety of colors, so you can add summery colors during the winter months to boost your mood.

Another great benefit is bringing a sense of the season to the home. You can bring the fall colors to make you feel warmer as the nights get longer. You can add a sense of the renewed growth of plants in the spring to feel good after a long winter. While you can do this with shades, drapes offer more benefits, as we’ll get into next.

Drapes in Vashon Are Easy to Change for the Season

You may want to change the types of drapes you have for the different seasons. In the winter you want something thick to prevent heat loss, and then you’ll want something light and flowing in the summer. While you can get the color benefits with roller or roman shades, drapes are so much easier to change.

You’ll just need to take the rod off the wall and make your switch between the drapes. You just slide the hooks off or remove them with the clip—whichever way the hooks sit on the rod. The new drapes just quickly slip on.

There’s no need to worry about spending hours making changes to your window treatments each season. You’ll enjoy the new colors around your home.

They Work with All Other Window Treatments

You want a secondary window treatment that easily works with your other window coverings around the home. Whether you have shutters, blinds or shades, you’ll find drapes in Vashon that will work. And this is why they make such excellent secondary window treatments.

While the primary treatments hang within the window, the secondary treatments mount on the outside. You’ll find it easy to change for the season and there are different colors to match various décor needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the systems to work together.

It's time to look at secondary window treatments for your home. Drapes in Vashon are all you need to hang.