Why Cellular Window Shades in Bremerton Are Excellent for the Spring Weather

The spring weather is here. One day it feels like the temperatures of early summer and then other days it can feel like winter. You need window shades in Bremerton that help to manage those temperature fluctuations in the home.

Cellular shades are a must. They offer energy efficiency without losing all the light. Here’s why you should consider them for your home.

They’ll Block Heat Loss Overnight

You will lose a lot of heat overnight in the spring. This is when the temperatures are more likely to drop below freezing. You need to block that heat loss, otherwise you’ll need to use the heating more throughout the morning.

Cellular window shades in Bremerton will block the heat from escaping. As it goes to the window, the shades will circulate the heat back in. Your temperatures in the home remain more consistent.

You’ll Manage the Rising Temperatures During the Day

Spring can see rising temperatures during the day, making homes feel hot. You need to use the air conditioning more, which adds to your electricity bills. Opt for cellular window shades in Bremerton instead.

The material acts like a barrier against the UV light shining through the window. It’s the rays that cause the rising temperatures after all. You can minimize the rising temperatures and create a space that is comfortable to live throughout the day. You also protect your flooring, walls, and furniture from the harmful UV rays.

You’ll Keep Natural Light with Cellular Window Shades in Bremerton

One of the concerns about using shades during the day is the loss of light. That doesn’t happen with cellular shades. They’re designed to darken a room and not create a completely blackout. You’ll still have natural light shining through the material.

You can also get some that are light filtering. The material will allow the natural light but prevent the UV rays. These aren’t as effective at keeping the heat in as room darkening options, but you can always double up with another window treatment easily.

The material is fabric, which offers another great benefit for light. You can get white or cream, keeping things neutral and bright to allow light to reflect around the room easily.

They Can Offer Benefits Throughout the Year

You’re not just looking at something for the spring months. There are high chances you don’t want to keep changing your window treatments throughout the year. When you choose window shades in Bremerton, they need to work for the winter, the summer, and more.

Cellular shades are perfect. They help to keep the heat locked in throughout the winter months. You’ll reduce rising temperatures without light loss in the summer. You can also easily double up with shades if you really struggle in the winter. You’ve got something that will save you money by not needing to be replaced throughout the year.

It's time to look at cellular window shades in Bremerton. You’ll be surprised by the benefits, especially in the spring months. Now is the time to take advantage.