Why Blackout Shades in Port Orchard Are Perfect for Shift Workers

You will usually hear about Port Orchard blackout shades for nurseries and children’s rooms, but they’re not the only humans that need undisturbed sleep. If you’re a shift worker, you’ll want to consider adding the shades to your bedroom. Here’s why they can be so beneficial.

You Need Sleep in the Day

As a shift worker, you likely have a disrupted sleep pattern already. Whether you’re constantly working similar evening and night shifts or your pattern is all over the place from week to week, you need to find a way to sleep comfortably throughout the day. This is where blackout shades in Port Orchard are perfect.

They block all the light coming in through the window. You plunge your room into darkness and make it feel like it’s night time when it’s really the middle of the day. This is the perfect chance to completely block out the daylight to trick the mind.

The human body works on a traditional rhythm. When it’s daylight, the body knows it’s time to be up. This is based on the past, when the most dangerous time for cavemen and women was the night. While we’re not longer living in caves and hunting for our own food all the time, we still have that wake/sleep cycle that is similar, so the Port Orchard blackout shades help to trick the mind and body into sleep.

You Block Out Some Noise

Blackout shades tend to be a little thicker than other types. This is beneficial when you’re trying to sleep through the day for noise benefits. The thicker material is harder for the sound to pass through, so the noise is a little dimmer.

When you’re trying to sleep, even the slightest noise outside is distracting and loud. Getting blinds that will help to minimize the noise is perfect. They don’t block out every single bit of noise, but they will offer some comfort when you’re trying to sleep.

You Let Others Know You’re Sleeping Instantly

The use of blackout shades in Port Orchard can let people outside of the home know that you’re sleeping. When people come up to the door, they’ll see that the blinds are closed. There’s no light that shines through from the outside, so it should make them stop and think.

This isn’t a catch-all situation. Annoyingly, delivery drivers won’t always consider that drawn blinds indicate shift workers. If someone doesn’t know you have a tendency to work nights, they may just think you’ve forgotten to open the blinds. However, when family members or friends know that you work nights or work shifts, they’ll think twice when they see your blackout shades closed.

If you work shifts, you certainly want to consider getting blinds to help you sleep better. This is more than just stopping light from coming through the window. Port Orchard blackout shades will limit the noise and send a message to people outside that you just want to sleep when you’re not at work.