Which Are the Best Shades and Blinds in Bremerton on a Tight Budget?

You know you need to replace your current window treatments. While you’d love to get the exact same type of blinds or even shutters, you just can’t afford it. You’re on a tight budget and need to find something that looks good and is within your financial means. It’s time to look at the cheapest shades and blinds in Bremerton.

Of course, just because you’re looking for cheap doesn’t mean you don’t want it your window coverings to look good. You want something that will match the current décor and offer a range of lighting, heating, and privacy benefits. Here are the shades and blinds you’ll want to consider on a tight budget.

Faux Wood Blinds in Bremerton Are Your Best Option

While the more expensive on the list, faux wood blinds are certainly worth buying if your budget can stretch. They’re not as expensive as they used to be and offer you a real wood look at a fraction of the cost.

Faux wood is a durable material. You’re not going to replace these blinds for decades, making them the most cost-effective solution outside of plantation shutters. You’ll gain energy saving benefits since you won’t need to use the heating or air conditioning as much and you’ll gain complete privacy.

You can get faux wood blinds in Bremerton in a range of styles. Got sliding windows? Vertical blinds are the way to go. Meanwhile, venetian blinds are extremely beneficial for normal windows. Then there are mini blinds when you want something that works for smaller or bay windows.

Vinyl blinds can be a good alternative. They’re not as great as faux wood, but you will get to keep the cost down and benefit in many ways already mentioned.

Cellular Shades for Cheap but Sophisticated

If you can’t stretch to faux wood, then your next best option is a cellular shade. These are also known as honeycomb shades or blinds in Bremerton. They do take up the whole window, but they are often room darkening or light filtering instead of blackout. This will depend on whether you get thermal cell shades or not.

Cellular shades offer heating benefits in a way that other types of fabric shades can’t. The air is trapped in the cells and circulated back the way it came, helping to reduce the costs of your energy bills. Because they’re fabric, you can get in a range of colors and styles.

Look out for the bottom-up and top-down cellular blinds in Bremerton. They’re highly effective for more lighting and privacy control. And because they sit in the window frame, you’ll also gain more safety benefits for the whole family. You completely cut the cord, making the rooms a safe place for the children and pets in the house.

When it comes to keeping the cost to a minimum, consider the long term benefits. Faux wood blinds in Bremerton are among the more expensive types of window treatments but far cheaper than real wood. Plus, you gain financially in the future.