What Types of Roman Shades in Vashon Can You Get?

While you’ve decided on roman shades in Vashon, you may not have realized the choices you still have ahead of you. One of those choices will be in the type of shades you get. There are three main options available, depending on the style and appearance you want to achieve.

You can opt for flat, hobbled, or European roman shades. Not sure what you want to get? Here’s a look at each type to get an idea of the style you’ll achieve.

Flat Shades for a Classic Look

When you want a professional or more traditional look from your roman shades in Vashon, flat shades are the ones you’ll want to get. They’re made of one large piece of material with no seams when your shade is closed. You don’t see where the creases were, which creates the look of a roller shade.

When the shade is pulled up, it closes completely. There’s a stacked look, so it takes up less space. When you want to see out more of the window when the shades are opened, this is the option that you want to run with.

This type of shade is perfect when you have a pattern on the material. The seams don’t get in the way of the run of the pattern, creating a fuller look.

Hobbled Roman Shades in Vashon for a Relaxed Appearance

When you want to gain a more relaxed look in the home, look out for the hobbled or soft roman shades. These are beautiful additions and have become extremely popular around the world. They are also sometimes referred to as cascading shades.

The closed shades will have some seams and they can also sometimes have a wooden slat at each seam to help create the fold in the right place. These soft shades are perfect for large windows. They add some bulk, creating the look of something thicker.

When pulled open, the shades will fold over each other. You get this waterfall look with the folds one over each other. This can take up some of the view from the top, but is useful if you struggle to block out a low sun during the day and don’t want to close the whole shade.

This type of shade is also thicker. It offers more heating benefits throughout the winter, helping to save money on your heating bills.

European Roman Shades for a Luxurious Effect

Finally, it’s time to look at European roman shades in Vashon. These are luxurious additions to the home, often using the likes of velvet and silk. When pulled open, the shades will curve up at the sides, sometimes referred to the butterfly look. The middle will hang lower and it looks more like a European stately home.

These types of shades will take longer to train, but it’s worth it for the look. They’re beautiful in dining rooms or formal spaces where you want a touch of relaxed elegance.

Which type of roman shades in Vashon will you get? Think of the look you want to achieve and choose the style that works.