What Are the Best Options for Sliding Door Blinds in Port Orchard?

Sliding doors are extremely popular for both houses and apartments. They take up less floor space for the smaller rooms and are easy to use. But you need to get sliding door blinds in Port Orchard to manage the light coming through. Which type of blinds are going to be the best for you?

If you do need something cheap and quick, a set of curtains or drapes will work. They can be among the most popular because they work in the same direction as the doors. They don’t get in the way and they offer lighting and some heating control.

However, you don’t necessarily want to deal with the fabric. Here are your other top options for sliding door blinds in Port Orchard.

Go with the Vertical Blinds

Whether faux wood, vinyl, real wood, or even aluminum, a set of vertical blinds are going to be among the best options for your sliding doors. Like curtains and drapes, the window coverings work in the same way as the sliding door, avoiding them getting in the way when you’re trying to use your patio door.

You can hang them on the same side as the way your door sits when full open. That way everything moves in exactly the same direction for ease.

Vertical blinds offer a range of other benefits for the doors. The slats allow you to allow light in without the glare and you can redirect the light throughout the home to avoid UV damage. Heating benefits are gained from the material, preventing heat loss and temperatures rising from the sun during the summer.

Long Roller Blinds for Sliding Doors

If you don’t want vertical blinds, you can always opt for long roller blinds. These types of sliding door blinds in Port Orchard are custom made to fit the length of the whole doorway. You pull on a cord or use through the cordless structure to open and close the blinds as you would any roller blind.

This is an excellent way to keep the costs down and gain something that works for all décor. The blinds will sit at the top, but they are placed higher than the doorway to keep out of the way of the sliding mechanism. When using the door, you can pull the blinds completely out of the way.

Look for bamboo sliding door blinds in Port Orchard. They withstand the light and heat coming through the doors better, while also managing light without blocking it completely.

Work with Solar Blinds

Another option is to use solar blinds for your doors. These are similar to roller blinds, sitting above the doorway so they don’t get in the way of the sliding mechanism. You can get a custom made long one or opt for individual solar blinds for more lighting and privacy control.

Solar blinds offer heating, lighting, and privacy benefits during the day. They’re not the greatest for the night, but this might not be an issue for your patio doors.

Consider your best options for your needs. Vertical sliding door blinds in Port Orchard or drapes are certainly the most common options but you have plenty of ideas to choose from.