The Best Ways to Clean Your Draperies in Bremerton

Whether you get sheer or opaque draperies in Bremerton, you’ll need to clean them now and again. On a daily basis, you’ll want to shake them out to loosen off the dirt and dust. However, you’ll also need to think about washing the material.

 Depending on the type of drapes you have will depend on the type of cleaning methods you use. Always make sure you check the label of the material to find out if you can machine wash – it’s worth doing this when buying to make sure you get drapes that are easy to maintain.

 Here are the best ways to clean your Bremerton draperies.

 Daily Spot Cleaning 

Look over your drapes when you shake them out on a daily basis. This allows you to spot any stains or marks that have shown up – something more common if you have children or pets. You want to get rid of the marks as soon as possible so they don’t set within the material.

 You don’t need harsh chemicals to get rid of the problems. Warm water will usually lift the stains but you may need some dish soap in the water to help. Place your hand on the back of the curtains and just clean on the spot, dabbing it instead of scrubbing to protect the material and prevent spreading the stain.

 If you’re still not able to get the stain out, you’ll want to look at a cleaner that’s designed for the specific material.

 Vacuum the Draperies in Bremerton Weekly

 One a weekly basis, you’ll want to vacuum your drapes. Do this when you’re vacuuming other parts of your home to keep the time spent cleaning to a minimum. Make sure you use the upholstery attachment to make cleaning of your draperies in Bremerton more efficient and better for the material. 

The vacuuming helps to prevent the dust collecting at the top. Your material will be protected and you’ll find washing much easier.

 If you have sheer drapes, you’ll want to avoid vacuuming. Not all sheer materials are good under this type of cleaning method.

 Wash on a Monthly Basis

 Now you just need to wash your drapes in the method that is recommended on the label. If you see that it says dry clean only, you’ll want to follow this advice. The material is too weak to withstand a round in the washing machine.

 The majority of draperies in Bremerton can be washed in the washing machine. However, you’ll want to check the temperatures and any other settings.

 What you’ll usually find is that you shouldn’t tumble dry the fabrics. The heat will damage the integrity of the material, making your drapes degrade sooner than they should. So, you’ll want to look at other methods of drying your drapes – the fresh air is brilliant if it’s dry out! 

Looking after your drapes is important. They’ll constantly look good and also last much longer. You’ll find you get more than your money’s worth out of your draperies in Bremerton.