Should Your Curtains in Burley Match Your Walls or Stand Out?

You’ve decided on getting sets of curtains in Burley for the various rooms in your home. Whether as a single or double window treatment, you’ll need to think about the color. One of the biggest questions is to think about whether you’re going to blend the curtains in with the rest of the room or make your curtains stand out.

 There’s not really a wrong or right answer here. It’s going to depend on the feeling and appearance that you want to achieve. It can also depend on the coloring and style of your walls. Here are the top ideas to work your curtains and wall together.

 Plain Walls and Bold Curtains 

One of the top options for any space is to keep the walls neutral and plain and allow your curtains in Burley to stand out. You can choose a bold color or a beautiful pattern to draw the attention to your windows immediately.

 This is a great idea if you’re renting a place. You won’t want to change the neutral wall color because you have to repaint it afterward. However, you can add personality and style through the use of colorful and bold curtains.

 Plain Curtains in Burley for Patterned Walls

 If you know you’re putting up patterned wallpaper or you’ve moved into a rental with patterns or bright colors on the walls, then you’re going to want to think carefully about your curtains. You’ll need to fit in your curtains with the décor.

 The simplest option is to work with neutral and plain curtains. Opt for white or cream to keep things light and inviting. You can also choose black or navy blue if you need a quick and easy blackout effect.

 Blend the Curtains into Your Walls 

You don’t necessarily want to draw the attention to the walls. When this is the case, you need to find curtains that match your walls. This is going to be easy if you have white or cream walls, but what about other colors and patterns?

 In some cases, you can get custom curtains in Burley. Take a sample of your wallpaper and allow the creators to make the material the same. Or you can choose the same color if just plain. The idea is that when your curtains are closed, it looks like you have another full wall on that side of the room.

 A Slight Contrast

 You don’t have to go all out to make your curtains stand out from the wall. At the same time, you don’t have to choose the exact same color. A simplistic way of added texture and depth to your home is by choosing curtains that are a shade or two different to your walls. You have white walls but cream curtains or cream walls and white curtains, for example.

 The slight contrast in shade adds a beautiful look. You get to keep things as neutral as you want, but add some depth to your window. If you do this and you have a secondary window treatment, make that work with your walls.

 Getting the right curtains in Burley is important. It doesn’t matter what other people think. You need to be happy with the style.