Do You Need Blackout or Room Darkening Curtains in Wauna?

There are many types of curtains in Wauna. You want something that is going to manage the light, offer heating benefits, and also offer privacy. Blackout and room darkening curtains are often the two main types considered, but which one do you need exactly?

They both work in different ways when it comes to lighting benefits. They can also offer different heating benefits depending on the thickness of the material. Here are the top considerations you need to make to find the best types of window curtains for your home.

Do You Need to Block All Light?

Let’s start with the main reason people look at curtains in Wauna: the lighting benefits. Curtains offer a quick way to manage the levels of light in the room. With a quick pull, you can block all the light coming into the home.

Blackout blinds make it feel like nighttime in the room. They completely block out all light coming into the home. Room Darkening window treatments will just block some of the light. You’ll still get a little light, helping to see your way around the room.

If you work shifts or nights, you’ll likely want to create a full blackout effect. However, most people will benefit from room darkening curtains, keeping the costs to a minimum but still adding something beautiful to the room.

What Type of Heating Benefits Do You Need from Curtains in Wauna?

There is a misconception that curtains don’t block the heat loss from a room. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Curtains create a barrier, helping to minimize the amount of heat that leaves the room. The thicker the curtain, the better the barrier you have.

Blackout curtains can be better to minimize heat loss. Even if the material isn’t thick, it will have a lining that helps to create a thicker barrier. Room darkening materials allow some light in, which allows some heat out.

It’s not just about the heating leaving the room, though. You also need to think about the heat benefits in the summer. Both types of curtains are good for blocking the UV rays coming through, managing the rising temperatures in the summer. One isn’t going to be more effective than the other. It’s just about the light levels that you’ll want to consider.

Are Your Doubling Up With Other Window Treatments?

You may use your curtains in Wauna with other window treatments. They’re popular with solar shades, roller shades, and even venetian blinds. This is something to consider to determine the best type of curtain for your needs.

If you’re doubling up with a solar shade, you likely have the light management during the day. You’re looking for something to block all the light and offer heating benefits, so you’ll probably want blackout curtains.

Those with roller blinds or venetian blinds will have the lighting and heating control. You may want something decorative or easy to use at strategic points of the day. This is when room darkening options could be useful.

There’s no wrong or right answer. It all depends on what you want to gain. Will blackout or room darkening curtains in Wauna work best for you?