Could Roman Shades in Vashon Work for Your Bathroom?

If you have windows in your bathroom, you’ll need to add some sort of window covering. This is a room where you want maximum privacy, but it’s a room full of moisture and that can cause problems for your favorite window coverings. Could roman shades in Vashon work or are you best looking at other window treatments?

 It’s Going to Depend on the Material

 Like so many other window treatments out there, you can get roman shades made with different materials. However, for the most part, they’re going to be made of a fabric material. You’ll need to consider this for the high humidity of the bathroom.

 If you get vinyl roman shades in Vashon, you could certainly use them in the bathroom. Vinyl doesn’t hold onto moisture and won’t be affected by the heat in the room. It doesn’t matter how steamy you like your showers.

 When you have fabric shades, you’re going to need to think about the amount of moisture that can collect in the room. The moisture will collect in the shade and can lead to mold damage.

 However, not every bathroom is going to have a problem. Here are other considerations to make.

 Extractor Fans and Open Windows Can Help 

You may have your heart set on roman shades in Vashon in your bathroom. They certainly look good and can offer privacy benefits immediately. So, how can you work around the high humidity issue in the room?

 The best thing to do is use an extractor fan. This should be something you use anyway when you’re in the shower or bath. The humidity is going to affect every element within the bathroom. You’ve seen how steamy the mirror gets. What about the walls?

 Damp issues often start in the bathroom because of lack of ventilation. You can avoid it all with extractor fan use and open windows. You’ll then be able to use roman shades without an issue.

 Consider Top Down Roman Shades in Vashon

 You may want to look at getting custom-made roman shades for your home. This could allow you to get one that works top down—although this style is mostly used with honeycomb shades.

 With top down, you can have the shades offer full privacy. However, you keep the top of the shade open, which allows the heat to rise up and out of an open window. This assumes that your window opens at the top and will be open when you’re using the bathroom.

 Faux Wood Blinds Could Be Better

 While you want to get a set of roman shades in Vashon, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that they’re not going to work for the bathroom. Look out for other window treatments instead. Faux wood blinds could be the best option. They’re not going to suffer from the high humidity levels, offer all the benefits you could need, and look great.

 The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to find window treatments for. While most will tell you to avoid roman shades in Vashon, there are times they can work.