Could Roman Shades in Bremerton Be Good Options for Your Investment Property?

You’ve got an investment property to rent instead of flip. That’s a great plan for the future, but there’s a lot of work and (guess what?) investment that you need to put in. Part of that is getting the right window treatments. Could roman shades in Bremerton be right for your investment property?

 There are so many types out there, but you like the look and style of roman shades. That’s why you’re focusing on them right now. Here’s how they can and can’t work for rentals.

 They Are Affordable but Look Smart 

Roman shades in Bremerton are among the cheapest window treatments you’ll find for the home. This is an instant win for an investment property, because you don’t want to spend too much on something that might get broken.

 While being affordable, they also look smart. The style of the shades helps to bring character to the home, whether you opt for cascading styles or a stacked roman shade.

 Roman Shades in Bremerton Are Easy to Replace

 There’s no doubt about it that roman shades are among the easiest to replace in the property. One of the benefits is cost, but they are also extremely easy to source. Whatever the reason your blinds need replacing for, you’ll be able to get it done quickly. 

And in some cases, you don’t need to replace them. Roman shades can also be easy to repair to help keep the cost down and avoid adding to the landfill too early.

 They Come in Neutral or Flashy Colors and Styles 

You can get roman shades in Bremerton in all sorts of colors and styles. Many landlords will choose white shades. They are neutral so you don’t have to worry about offending people with a color they don’t like.

 However, if you do want to add some sort of style to the property, you can with these window treatments. Because they’re made of fabric, you can get roman shades in various colors and patterns to add something flashy.

 They Are Prone to Damage

 To be honest, those who are going to damage your roman shades in Bremerton are likely to damage everything else that you have. That’s just the way of life. Not all renters are going to look after your property properly. Something you’ll need is a pot to handle any damages should they happen so you can turn the place around while waiting for the small claims court to get your damages back.

 That being said, roman shades can be more prone to damage than some other window treatments. This can even be the case for those who look after rentals. The cords can snap (or need to be snapped for those with children and pets) and the fabric can start to wear away if people don’t know how to look after it properly.

 Keep the above in mind. Roman shades in Bremerton can make beautiful additions to the home. However, they need to be looked after by you and your tenants.