Best Color Options for Your Window Treatments in Wauna in the Spring

The winter winds may still be blowing, but the spring weather will be here before you know it. You need to look at the right window treatments in Wauna for the spring months, but it’s more than just getting the right material. You also want to get the right colors.

The coloring of your window treatments will have an affect on your mood, on the setting in the home, and even on the heat/coolness of the space. Here are the best color options for your window coverings.

Consider Light Green or Yellow

The spring is a time for plants and flowers to blossom. This leads to lighter greens and yellows to appear. You want to add that to your home. Bring a sense of the outside into your home.

Bringing the spring colors will help you get a sense of renewed life in the home. You air out the winter feelings and get yourself ready for the summer. Things will feel brighter and happier, which makes you want to spend more time in your home.

If you have two sets of window treatments, you’ll want to keep one of them neutral. Bring the bright colors with the other to avoid overwhelming the room.

Opt for Something Warm and Neutral

Worried about the coolness on the mornings and overnight? You may want something warm but neutral in the home. You want to avoid the burnt oranges or deep reds that you’ll hang in winter or fall. They bring a sense of darkness, keeping you cozy in the winter months. You want something like brown or dark greens.

These deeper colors will help to add a sense of warmth without closing the room in. You’ll feel like the outdoors is in your home, further offering feeling of happiness and brightness.

Choose White Window Treatments in Wauna

You can add color through many other options in your home. This could be through the throws over your couch or bed or it could be through the art décor on your walls. You don’t have to opt for bright and bold colors around your windows if you don’t want.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing white window treatments in Wauna. White is a beautiful and neutral color that you can build upon around your home. The color also offers a range of benefits when it comes to heating and cooling.

The spring weather can be freezing on a morning but hot in the afternoon. You don’t want a color that absorbs the heat because that will make your home even hotter in the afternoon. White will reflect the light and the heat rather than absorb it.

Worried about keeping the heat on a night? This comes down to the type of material you have. Make sure you have the right type of window treatments and you won’t need to worry on a night regardless of the color.

What color are you choosing for your window treatments in Wauna? The answer is going to depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments in the spring months.