3 Smart Ways to Protect Your Curtains in Port Orchard from Sun Damage

With the hotter weather comes an increase in use of Port Orchard curtains. You want to block out the glare, while also reducing the heat in your rooms. The problem is your curtains aren’t the best for handling the sun’s rays coming through the window. They’re highly susceptible to suffering from UV or sun damage. It is possible to stop this with these three smart ways.

Tint Your Windows

The first thing to do is consider tinting your windows. This is beneficial if you have south-facing rooms, which will become hotter than other rooms in the home. They get the most sun and your curtains in Port Orchard south-facing rooms are more likely to suffer from sun damage.

You don’t need to get dark tints, either. You can opt for one or two grades darker, allowing you to use your curtains less throughout the summer. The tints will help to reduce the rays coming in, offering more lighting and heating benefits. Tints don’t degrade in the way that window coverings do, so they are more than worth the extra money.

Opt for Curtain Linings

Consider putting another layer up against your windows before the rays reach your Port Orchard curtains. Linings are highly beneficial and are designed to take in the UV rays. In fact, most are made of light colored material, keeping the absorption of the rays to a minimum. Lighter colors will reflect the rays back out the window.

You can use curtain linings throughout the day, keeping your curtain use to a minimum. This further helps to protect your fabrics, as they don’t come in contact with the UV rays as much. Plus, the linings are usually slightly sheer, so you minimize the glare without blocking out all the light.

Get a longer curtain pole for the curtains. This allows you to put them out of the way of the sun’s rays during the day.

Switch Curtains Around

Move the left panel to the right and vice versa regularly. Just once a month or once every two months will be enough throughout the year, although in the summer you may want to opt for a little more frequently. You help to reduce the amount of time one side of your panels will be in line with the sun when they’re open.

This doesn’t completely prevent sun damage to your curtains in Port Orchard. The benefit is that you minimize the uneven fading. You can also slow down the total damage, since you’re constantly putting a different side of your curtains in line of the sun.

If you have single panel curtains, you can change the side that your curtains sit on the window. This helps to keep uneven fading to a minimum.

You can also have different curtains to hang now and then. You’ll minimize the total damage to your panels.

Having Port Orchard curtains doesn’t mean you just have to put up with the UV damage. How about managing the use of curtains in smart ways to protect from sun damage?