The Simplicity of Maintaining Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are some of the most cost-effective window treatments on the market and they are some of the easiest to maintain. Light in weight and in size, aluminum blinds from Budget Blinds of North Glendale are available in ½” micro, 1” and 2” premium slat sizes. You can choose from solid, metallic, and perforated styles to complement your new or existing room décor. On top of that, our spring-tempered slats resist kinks and dents, keeping your blinds looking fresh and functional.

So, how do you maintain them? Very simply! 

Maintaining Aluminum Blinds

Most of the time, your aluminum blinds won’t need more than a light dusting. If they need a little more love, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Inspection

Before you clean your blinds, do an inspection to see what the damage is. If it’s dust, simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or similar. If you see stains, dents, or holes, continue on to step 2. 

Step 2: Check the Blind’s Instructions

Each aluminum blind manufacturer has its own instructions when it comes to cleaning and caring for the blinds. This is important so you know what cleaning chemicals you should use and which ones you should avoid. It’s always best practice to do a spot test in an inconspicuous area on your blinds as well, if you plan on using a chemical cleaning solution. 

Step 3: Clean!

First thing is first, dust your blinds! Once they are free of dust, you can grab a bucket, fill it with warm water and a mild detergent or soap, and grab a soft sponge. Gently wipe down each of the blind’s slats (using the sponge) with the warm water and soap mix. 

This should be sufficient to remove any caked-on dirt, mildew, stubborn dust, and pet hair without causing any damage. The bonus is that water and soap shouldn’t damage your window sill or the paint on/under it as well! Be sure you dry up any drips, though, to avoid discoloration or water damage. 

If there are heavier stains, feel free to use the chemical cleaner that you tested in step 2. 

Step 4: Dust and Vacuum Your Blinds

Once your blinds are dry, it’s time to vacuum up whatever remains. 

Use your vacuum’s soft brush attachment to remove any dirt or dust from more hard-to-reach places or from areas where the feather duster won’t fit, such as near the headrail and near the internal components of the blinds.

Also, vacuum the window sill and underneath it to suck up any dust or hair stuck in unseen places. 

If You Need to Deep Clean Your Blinds…

In some extreme cases, like with smoke damage, heavy stains, or dried on crud, you may need a little more help than warm water and soap. We doubt this will ever happen, but if your blinds need a little extra TLC, here’s what you should do. 

Firstly, do NOT put extra pressure on your blinds. Be gentle at all times. Aluminum blinds are sturdy, but they are not immune to bending, breaking, cracking, or denting. 

If you’re dealing with grease, we recommend using this degreaser. It is specifically developed for aluminum and used to remove oils, magnesium oxide and polishing pastes. On top of that, it is eco-friendly, is non-abrasive so it won’t leave minor scratches, and will not discolor or stain your blinds (though you should always spot test first!). 

Try Soaking Them or Spraying Them Down

If your blinds aren’t coming clean with spot cleaning, you can remove them from your window or wall and wash them either outdoors with your hose (use a gentle setting!) or in your bathtub. Be careful to not get water inside the headrail, as this can cause the blind to malfunction.

Removing your blinds can be tricky, though. Look at one end of the horizontal blind headrail near the top of the window. Locate a thin cap at the end. Remove it, either by lifting up or sliding out toward the center of the blinds. Remove the cap on the opposite side of the headrail.

Grasp the entire headrail with both hands and pull it straight out from the window to remove it from the mounting brackets. Set the metal blinds on the floor. This should be all you need to do – leave the mounting hardware in place for easy re-installation.

You can soak them in a solution of bleach if needed to rejuvenate their bright white color. Fill your bathtub up with 2-3 cups of liquid bleach and then fill it with cold water. Soak your blinds (not the headrail! Only the slats) for up to 10 minutes. Do this in a well-ventilated area and do not leave them soaking for long to avoid rust. Finally, keep in mind that soaking your blinds may also void your warranty. 

Once done soaking, put on gloves and thoroughly wipe each slat off with a damp cloth and cold water. Then hang them to dry. You can wipe them down with a towel as well, but do not remount them until they are fully dry. 

If all that doesn’t work, visit the experts at Budget Blinds of North Glendale. We can get you set up with a new pair of aluminum blinds that will stay fresh for years to come.