Will Curtains in Oceanside Be Included in the House Purchase?

You’re buying a new home. In fact, you’ve exchanged contracts and you’ll be closing soon. Now you want to know whether you’ll get those curtains in Oceanside you saw in the property. Do they come with the house purchase?

Curtains are often a grey area in house sales. Here’s all you need to know about window treatments and selling a house.

What’s in the Contract?

Start by looking at the contract to see what it says about curtains in Oceanside. This is something you should have done before exchanging. If you’ve already exchanged contracts then you’ll find it harder to change anything that was put in there.

In the majority of cases, the window treatments are left behind. This is when they’re fixed to the home. So, shutters, blinds, and even some shades are left behind. The window treatments have been nailed or screwed into the wall.

The only time that window treatments don’t tend to be left behind is when they’re not permanently fixed. This means the curtain rods that are installed through tension or even roller shades that are installed this way aren’t necessarily left behind.

The contract can also say something different. The window treatments may not have been intended to be part of the sale and this was put in the contract. Or your seller may have been upfront about this.

Usually the Curtain Rod and Not the Curtains in Oceanside

The case of curtains is tricky. The material doesn’t tend to be a permanent fixture. Curtains are placed on a rod that becomes the fixed item. So, you’ll often find that the curtain rod can be left behind but the curtains are taken with the seller.

You’ll often find that curtains are more personal than other window treatments. They are much easier to work for other windows due to the larger size of curtains. They can easily work for other homes unlike blinds and shutters. So, there’s no need not to take them.

However, some sellers may decide to leave their curtains in Oceanside behind. You could end up being surprised by the items that haven’t been taken.

Something You Can Arrange With Your Seller

You’ll want to talk to your seller about the house purchase. Some sellers will want to take their window treatments with them, especially when it comes to particular curtains in Oceanside. Others will be happy to leave their window treatments behind.

If you’ve fallen in love with the window coverings, you’ll want to check on what your seller plans to do. Check before signing the contract—and always make sure the contract covers this when you do come to sign.

Remember that as curtains don’t tend to be considered fixtures, sellers don’t have to leave them behind. Nor are you usually due a decrease in the sale price if the seller is taking them. You’ll need to decide whether the house is worth the money without the window coverings you fell in love with.

Most window treatments will be left behind during a house sale. Curtains in Oceanside are a grey area because they’re not fixed to the windows.

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