Oceanside Window Coverings Differences: Blinds vs. Shutters vs. Curtains

You’re looking for window coverings in Oceanside and now don’t know where to start. There are just so many options. Do you opt for easy-to-install curtains or have blinds? What about adding shutters to the outside of your home? Before you even think about choosing, you need to know about the differences. While some differences are subtle, others will make you consider one over the others.

The Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The easiest option to install in your home is curtains. They just require a pole that you can screw into the wall and then hang the curtains from. All you then do is open and close. Maintenance is also very easy, as most of the time you just have to quickly shake out the material and use a vacuum to get rid of dust or pet hairs.

Blinds are the next easiest to install and maintain. There are different types of shades, but most are installed through screws either within the window or just over the top. Maintenance is extremely simple and usually involves some vacuuming and dusting. Some blinds will need removing and a deeper clean, especially metal, wood, and vinyl.

Shutters are the hardest, even if you get interior shutters. You’ll need to make sure they’re installed at the right heights for each window. When it comes to maintenance, every now and then you’ll need to take the shutters down and give them a deep clean. They can also need sanding down, re-varnishing and repainting, depending on the material.

Boosting the Value of Your Home

After that you may wonder whether shutters are really worth the hassle. The benefit of the Oceanside window coverings is that they add value to your home. This is especially the case for exterior shutters. The treatments are designed to be permanent fixtures and remain with the home when you sell. Your buyers don’t have to worry about having them installed, so they are willing to pay more.

Interior shutters can carry the same benefit. You’ll need to make it clear that you are planning on leaving the shutters to get the increased value.

Other window treatments don’t offer the value benefits. However, they can help to create a homely space, which increases people’s opinion of your home when selling. This helps to add value.

Adding Personality and Style to Your Home

All the window coverings in Oceanside off light and heating benefits. They also help to add style and personality to each room in your home. Some do this better than others.

Exterior shutters need to match the outside personality of your home. They will all look alike, working with the color of the woodwork to add curb appeal. There’s little you can do for personality and style, although you can get cut outs in your shutters for a personal touch.

Interior shutters and other Oceanside window coverings will work with individual room décor. You can use materials to develop a certain look and feel. Wood and faux wood can give a rustic look, while metal can create that futuristic appearance.

There are some major differences between the multiple window coverings in Oceanside. Make sure you know the type of style you want and consider the maintenance work you’re willing to put in. These factors will help determine the best treatment for your home.

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