Make Your Home Modern with Roman Shades in Island Park

Roman shades in Island Park tend to be linked to older styles and decors. You can create a modern look with the right style. Here are our top tips to create a modern space with your roman shades.

 Choose Minimalist Colors

 Most of the time, your color choices are going to affect the feeling of the home. If you have dark colors, you’ll bring a sense of the past into your home. People needed to choose darker colors to gain more heating benefits and gain the blackout effect in the home. 

That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to better technology and material, it’s possible to create a blackout effect with lighter colors. And you can gain heating benefits without necessarily blocking all light from the room.

 Opt for minimalist colors for your roman shades in Island Park. Choose whites or creams as a base. If you want to add a darker color, opt for a couple of stripes or maybe a vine pattern working up the blinds. Keep the patterning as simple as possible to create a fresh and bright look.

 Consider a Stack Instead of a Cascading View

 The style of roman shade will affect the appearance. Modern blinds tend to be more minimalist in style as well as coloring, which means avoiding the cascading or ruffled roman shades. Yes, they look absolutely stunning, but you’ll give that sense of the past, of the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

 So, you want to look at the more modern-day looks. A stacked roman shade is becoming far more popular. It takes up less space in the window too, which means you can hide easily with a valance if you’d like.

 The appearance in the window looks brighter and cleaner. You get simple lines, which brings that sense of more room, opening the space and allowing in more light.

 Try Bamboo Roman Shades in Island Park

 Sometimes you want to opt for an eco-friendly material. This is an excellent choice to make and you can certainly create a modern look with this material. Try to stick with lighter coloring for your natural materials.

 Bamboo roman shades are among the best. The material is affordable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. It looks absolutely stunning in the windows and will help to filter the light into the room throughout the day, while offering some heating benefits in the winter and privacy on a night.

 You can use bamboo in any room in the home. You’ll get the perfect material for the humid rooms without worrying about mold and rotting, which is the case with many other natural materials.

 If you do want to double up, use a sheer curtain or a white colored drape. Anything heavier and you’ll distract from the bamboo material for your shades. When both work together, you’ll create the darker space you need.

 Roman shades in Island Park are among the best options for creating a modern look in your home. Work with lighter colors and minimalist styles and you’ll soon bring your home into the 21st century.

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