Inside vs. Outside Mounted Roller Shades in Oceanside

When it comes to installing roller shades in Oceanside, you have two choices. You can get them to mount on the inside of your window frame or on the outside.

This doesn’t mean they go on the outside of the home! Outside mounted shades are usually screwed into the wall along the outside of the window frame, taking up more space around the space in the wall. Inside mounted options are put inside the frame.

Which is the right for you? There’s no wrong or right answer and it will depend on the type of window, budget, and needs you have. Here are the pros and cons of inside and outside mounted roller shades in Oceanside.

Exterior Options Require More Material

When you get custom made blinds, you’ll need to consider the amount of material you need to get. The more material, the more expensive your shades are going to be. Outside mounted roller shades will require more material than the inside mounted options.

Exterior options will cover up the whole window, usually overlapping the space for the window. You’ll also need to get them longer, so they can sit just above the gap for the window and hang lower than the windowsill.

Interior options will sit within the frame, meaning less material is immediately needed. You’ll also need a shorter rod to sit within the frame. If you’re on a tight budget, the inside mounted roller shades in Oceanside are for you.

Interior Options Can Work with Tension Rods

When you get the outside mounted shades, you’ll need to have them screwed into the wall. This is still easy for installation, but you’ll need to think about the damage you do to the wall. You’ll have holes that you need to cover up.

If you’re renting, you may want to avoid putting holes in the walls. Some landlords are picky about the damage you cause, even if it’s just to live. Inside mounted roller shades in Oceanside offer the benefit of tension rods. There’s no need to make permanent changes to the windows, so you can put up your shades without worrying about the future.

The Best for All the Shade Benefits

Roller shades aren’t the most beneficial options for your windows. Regardless of outside or inside mounted, you’ll find that they’re not the best for managing the heat loss throughout the window. They’re just not designed for that.

However, outside mounted shades will offer a few more benefits than the inside ones. When you mount the shades on the inside, they require a small gap between blind and wall. This allows for the material to move up and down the window without getting caught. That gap is big enough to lose extra heat.

When you get the outside mounted roller shades in Oceanside, you avoid the issue of the gap. The shades need to cover the whole space for the window, meaning there’s no gap to lose extra heat.

What do you want to gain from your roller shades? This will affect the type of mounting that you get. Consider the pros and cons and you’ll find the perfect roller shades in Oceanside for you.

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