How to Work Drapes in Oceanside with Solar Blinds

There are high chances that you’ve opted for solar blinds in various parts of your home. However, they don’t quite offer all the benefits you need on a night. While you love the light coming through during the day, you don’t like the lack of privacy on a night. Rather than getting rid of the solar blinds, why not add Oceanside drapes to your windows as well?

Drapes and blinds tend to work together well when doubled up. You get double benefits and get to add the décor you want to your home. Now it’s time to help them work together, and here’s what to consider.

Think About the Color Scheme

Always look at the color scheme of the window treatments in your home. You want them to complement each other, as well as the room. If you have a mixture of bright yellows and oranges in the home, blues, greens, and purples can become overwhelming and off-putting. So look for a color palette that will work to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

That doesn’t mean your blinds and drapes in Oceanside have to match exactly. You don’t need to buy the exact same color. You can opt for different shades of the same color or even consider two different colors that do complement each other. Consider keeping one a neutral white or cream, while you focus on the color of the rest of your décor with the other. The white/cream colors help the brighter colors stand out more.

You can also look at patterns and pick out a color. For example, if your drapes have orange within the pattern work, you can pick that out and use it for your solar shades as a single color. This helps to draw more attention to the orange in the drapes.

Use the Solar Shades First

Always opt for your solar shades first when it comes to lighting control. You want to use the option closest to the window. Solar shades will also help to keep the light shining through and allow you to still see outside easily. All you do is create that privacy barrier from the outside. You can keep your shades down throughout the day while keeping your blinds open to feel brighter and happier.

On a night, your drapes in Oceanside will need to be more practical. You’ll want to look for a material that blocks sight into your home, as your solar shades will work the opposite way as they do in the day—you won’t see out but people will see in. Opting for slightly thicker material also offers more benefits on a night, blocking out more light and keeping the heat on the right side.

Solar shades and drapes work extremely well together when you think carefully about them. It all comes down to the color schemes and patterns. You want to bring the focus on the way they blend as if the Oceanside drapes and solar shades have come from the same packet.

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