Do Your Draperies in Freeport Really Need Liners?

Do Your Draperies in Freeport Really Need Liners?

You’re getting new draperies in Freeport. You’ve made up your mind, but now you’re looking for ways to preserve the material. You’ve heard about liners for the drapes, but do you really need to get them?

Liners can be viewed as just another expense. Before you look at them like that, consider the benefits they can offer. They may be the investment you need.

Liners Can Protect Drapes from UV Rays

What is the point in a liner? Liners are a protective layer that hang within the window. When you pull your draperies in Freeport on, you’ll pull the liner on. They’re important during the day or if your drapes face a lot of UV rays.

The UV rays aren’t just bad for rising temperatures in the home. They will also cause materials to break down. This can be bad for your drapes. You’ll start seeing holes appear in the material, eventually causing the drapes to fall to pieces and be beyond repair. You’ll need to buy a new set.

When you get a liner, you have something that takes on the UV rays. This material is a little stronger than drapes against the rays because it’s designed for this. Your drapes will last for the time they’re meant to, so you’re not spending money on replacements sooner than you should.

Separate Liners Can Work in Place of Draperies in Freeport

You don’t have to just use the liner when you pull on the drapes. Of course, this will depend on whether your liner is separate or not.

If you got something like a sheer drape to work as a liner, you’ll have likely kept it separated from the drapes. You have a secondary layer that you can use on its own if you want.

For example, sheer drapes are extremely useful on their own. They block UV rays, manage glare, and help to offer privacy quickly without blocking light. You then pull on the thicker drapes when you want to block some of the light or gain extra privacy.

Your Drapes May Already Have a Lining Sewn In

In many cases, your draperies in Freeport will come with a liner. Manufacturers know that people want the liner to protect the structure of the expensive material. Rather than offer another product, that liner is now usually sewn into the drapes.

With this in mind, there’s no need to get individual liners for the drapes. After all, it’s just going to be extra material for no reason.

You’ll want to check with the company you’re buying from. This is especially the case when shopping online. Don’t make assumptions and take the time to ask someone. A business will always be happy to help customers.

Draperies in Freeport are beautiful additions to the home. They can certainly offer a range of benefits, even if they’re not the type of window coverings that last the decades. However, you can improve the longevity of your window coverings. Consider liners for your drapes.

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