Do Blackout Shades in Valley Stream Offer Benefits in the Day?

You know that Valley Stream blackout shades are good for blocking out the light on a night. They’re considered the best option for shades in kids’ bedrooms. But just how good can they be?

On many occasions, you can need to block daylight out of a room. This is especially important in a child’s room or in a nursery. Can blackout shades offer all the benefits you need in the daylight?

They’re Perfect for the Day

This is something that really does have a simple answer, but we’ll go into the details of why in this post. The basic answer is: yes. Blackout shades in Valley Stream do, in fact, offer all the nightly benefits in the daytime. It’s possible to block out all the light coming into the room throughout the day.

If you need to plunge a room into darkness during a summer afternoon, such as because you have a napping baby, then you’ll get that with the shades. The material stops all the sun’s rays into the room, regardless of how bright and warm it is outside. You’ll make the room look like it’s the middle of the night with ease.

Blackout Shades Were Designed to Allow No Light Through

Why are they so beneficial? Well, the whole point of blackout shades was to create what the name suggests: the blackout effect. They were originally designed for inner cities in the Second World War. As cities were being bombed, the people in those cities wanted to make it look like there wasn’t a city. The blackout curtains would be used to block all light leaving the home and appearing outside.

Now, the Valley Stream blackout shades have the opposite effect. They still work in the same way but for the opposite reason: blocking the light from coming in.

This effect comes from the material and colors used. The material is thick enough to prevent the light from shining through the window. You can also use color to your advantage, but there’s no need to stick to just black curtains anymore if you don’t want. If you get vinyl, faux wood, and thermal materials you can create the full blackout effect with lighter colors.

You Also Get Heating Benefits

Blackout shades in Valley Stream don’t just give you the lighting benefits. You’ll also get heating and cooling benefits during the day. When the sun shines through the windows, the UV rays will cause heat to increase. The shades will stop the UV rays shining through, so you don’t get the heated effect in the room in the middle of the summer. The room is more comfortable for children to nap.

In the winter, you create the opposite effect. The heating doesn’t escape through the window to the outside, so you don’t need to use the heating as much throughout the day.

Valley Stream blackout shades certainly work during the day. This is why they remain so popular for children’s rooms.

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