Can Roman Shades in Island Park Be Used for Skylights?

You have a skylight to allow in more light, right? The problem is it also lets in a lot of heat in the summer. During the winter, the skylight lets out a lot of heat so you use the heating more. You need to find something to cover your skylight now and then. Could roman shades in Island Park be the answer you need?

The honest answer is probably not. These types of window treatments aren’t usually designed for skylights, but it’s going to depend on a number of factors. Here’s what does and doesn’t make roman shades right for the skylight.

The Angle of the Skylight

One of the bigger problems is the angle of the skylight. These windows are usually on a 45 degree angle in the attic or they sit in the roof. Trying to put roman shades in Island Park against these windows can be tricky.

The shades will succumb to gravity. The bottom of the shade won’t remain covering the window, hanging loose instead. While you could lock in the bottom, you have the problem of the middle of the shade hanging loose. This is especially if you have a cascading style shade and you’re not closing completely.

You want something that won’t hang loose. You need something that fits within the light perfectly, preferably on a frame. You could opt for a stacked roman shade to get around this.

Roman Shades in Island Park Can Block the Light

Roman shades will cover the entire window. In the majority of cases, they darken the room rather than just filtering out the light.

The whole point of your skylight is to let light in without the heat problems. You don’t want the UV glares, but you do want the brightness in the room. So you want a shade that allows that.

If you really want roman shades, there are options. You can get shades made of linen or another lighter fabric to create a light filtering effect. However, you could end up with the issue of hanging loose.

The Height of the Skylight

You need to think of the height of your window. Regardless of the positioning, the window needs to be in reach to open and close your blinds. Or you will need to get motorized blinds.

While you can get motorized roman shades in Island Park, they’re not as common. You could end up looking for custom-made shades that increase the cost of your window treatments. If you want to keep the costs down, you’ll need to look at other window treatment options.

This isn’t a deal-breaker, of course. It depends on your budget and what you want to gain from your window treatments.

Roman shades in Island Park do look beautiful. They come in a variety of colors and styles, which are great for matching a room’s décor. However, when it comes to finding a window treatment for your skylight, you may want to look elsewhere. As beautiful as they are, they may not work perfectly for the skylight windows.

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