5 Types of Drapes in Valley Stream You Need to Consider

When you decide on getting Valley Stream drapes, you may think the hard choice is over. After all, you’ve navigated the world of window treatments. However, now there are more questions to answer and one of those is what type of drapes do you want? This is more than just patterns and colors, but about the style of drapes, you get. Here are five worth considering.

#1. The Single Panels

Let’s start with one of the simplest types of drapes in Valley Stream: the single panel. This is just as it sounds. It’s one panel that you pull all the way across. Think of the drapes like vertical blinds but with a fabric material. They do create an asymmetrical look, but they can be perfect when you need something suitable for sliding windows and doors.

#2. The Double Panels

If you want something more traditional, then you’ll want to get drapes that come in a panel pair or double panel. This involves two panels of material that sit on either side of your window. You open and close them in the way that you would normally, giving that symmetrical look. They’re excellent for large doors and windows that open traditionally. You can get ties for the side to place them apart when open.

#3. The Full Set

When you get Valley Stream drapes as panels, you’ll also have the option of getting the runners along the top. The runners will be in the same style and color of your panels, matching the full décor and giving you the full set. This style of drape will also often get you the lining for the window and ties. The lining is highly beneficial, as you get the protection for your drapes against the UV rays. Also, don’t overlook the drape sets that come with the rod!

#4. Just the Valance

If you have short windows and don’t want a full cover, you may want to just consider the valance. This is the runner at the top of the windows, which is more decorative than practical. However, it can help to block some of the sun that comes through the top of your windows, minimizing some of the glare in the home. Valances are better with the full set of Valley Stream drapes. They can also work with shutters, blinds, and other window treatments.

#5. The Window Scarf

How about a scarf for the window? This hangs similarly to a scarf on the body and is just a thin piece of fabric that dresses the window. There aren’t many practical benefits to using window scarves instead of traditional drapes in Valley Stream. However, they do add a decorative look around your window. They can be beautiful when matched with blinds or shutters in the home.

Now that you’ve chosen Valley Stream drapes for your home, it’s time to look at all the different types that you can buy. The five above are the most popular, whether you want practical or decorative drapes.

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