4 Tips for Using Drapes in Valley Stream with Net Curtains

Have you considered buying net curtains to work with your Valley Stream drapes? They can definitely fit together extremely well, but you just need to get the styles right. This isn’t a case of picking the first net curtains you find to hang in the window. It’s all about colors, décor, and materials. Here’s a look at four tips for using net curtains and drapes together in your home.

Consider Curtains of the Same Length

While you can get short net curtains that just hang within the window, you may want to consider buying net curtains that are the same length as your drapes in Valley Stream. This makes the two look like they came together in the same pack.

You’ll likely find sheer material that compliments the material of your drapes. The net curtains help to protect the whole back of the drapes, like a lining instead of an extra layer of curtain. They also flow more, helping to add a modern look with your net-drape style.

Stick to White or Cream

While you can get net curtains in a variety of other colors, consider sticking to just cream or white options. The only time you’ll want something different is if your drapes are a different color. By sticking to white or cream, you create a neutral base to build upon. They’re going to match with any other color of your Valley Stream drapes.

Another benefit is that you get to change your drapes whenever you want. There’s no need to buy another set of net curtains to compliment the drapes.

If you really want a different color, opt for a slightly lighter or darker shade of your drape colors. Lighter tends to work better, but it will depend on the exact color of your drapes. If your drapes are white, consider a color in the room for your net curtains. Look at the color of your furniture or something within your wall colors to complement the décor.

Keep the Pattern Simple

There will be many patterns available for net curtains. While they can help to draw attention to the window, try to keep the patterns simple. This is especially the case if you have a border or pattern on your walls. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your guests when they walk into the room.

A simple diamond pattern is a beautiful option for net curtains with drapes. Try to find the diamonds in the same color as your drapes to compliment them. Another option is to stick with plain gold or silver, as these colors will work relatively well with any other color of drapes in Valley Stream that you buy.

Cover the Whole Window

Even if you don’t get the same length of drapes, you want to make sure your net curtains cover the whole window. Not only do you get the full privacy, but you will also protect your drapes. Draperies aren’t made with sun rot in mind. The material tends to be easily damaged by the UV rays, leading to the backs flaking after a while. Net curtains offer a protect layer, almost like a lining. Use that benefit to your advantage.

It’s time to consider net curtains for your windows. They work beautifully with Valley Stream drapes, as long as you think about the complementary colors and styles. These tips will help you blend the two window treatments together effortlessly.

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