4 Reasons You Need Venetian Blinds in Valley Stream Bathrooms

Window treatments for the bathroom are necessary. You don’t just want to block light at times, but you want to add more privacy into the room. This is especially important if your windows aren’t treated in a way to block out the view for nosey neighbors. But just what type of blinds and shades are best?

It’s time to consider Valley Stream venetian blinds. They are beautiful and durable options for all rooms with moisture. Here are four reasons venetian blinds are the way to go.

They’re Extremely Easy to Use

You don’t want to spend too much time closing the blinds. Most of the time you just want to quickly close to grab your shower and then open right away afterwards. The great thing about venetian blinds in Valley Stream is that they’re easy to use. You just pull on a cord and you can change the positioning of the blinds quickly and effectively. Cords in bathrooms aren’t too bad when you have children, as the blinds tend to remain out of reach. However, you will still want to take steps to avoid children getting into the room.

You can open the blinds up completely or change the positioning of the slats. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but either option is easy to use.

Still Allow Light In

Closing bathroom blinds often puts a bathroom in complete darkness. You may want to get a lot of natural light in your room, but you don’t want to keep the blinds open so everyone can see you do your business. This is where venetian blinds offer an extra benefit.

You can just change the direction of the slats. This helps to keep light coming into the room but effects the amount people can see through the window. Your blinds can look closed from the outside, but you’ve got plenty of natural light. Plus, you get to redirect the beams to manage where the light appears in the room to avoid glare.

Beautiful Colors to Work with Your Décor

Just because you don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom doesn’t mean you just have to hang anything. You can still create a beautiful look and theme in the room. You may want to create an under the sea effect or want to add a nature look. Valley Stream venetian blinds are easily adaptable.

You can get them in a range of materials and colors. Some have a wooden look for that rustic style, but others are white, blue, purple, and more. Whatever style and appearance you want, there’s the option.

Perfect for Damp Rooms

Even with an extractor fan or a window open, you can still get a build up of moisture when using the shower. Your blinds don’t have to suffer from this. Venetian blinds come in a variety of materials, but most specifically either faux wood or vinyl. These are both materials that are perfect for damp rooms.

The materials look beautiful and don’t soak in all the moisture from the room. You can easily clean up left over damp spots. The best thing is they’re low maintenance without mold risks.

It’s time to consider venetian blinds in Valley Stream bathrooms. They are beautiful and effective options for the sometimes damp, private room in the home.

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