4 Questions to Ask Before Remodelling with Roller Shades in Valley Stream

You’re undertaking a remodelling project. This can be a large feat, but if you go in prepared then you’ll find it goes relatively stress free. You may have already decided on getting a set of roller shades in Valley Stream. Before you start remodelling with them, make sure you answer these four questions.

 What Colors Do You Want to Include?

 Many people will use roller shades because they’re easy to work with all decors. You can even get bold and bright colors to work as a base for your décor. The problem is you can end up with far too many colors and shades that your room becomes overwhelming.

 Before getting anything for your remodelling project, make sure you decide on the color scheme that you want to work with. Do you want to work with neutral colors or are you interested in picking one or two colors off a chart?

 Once you know the colors you want to include, you can look at where you want to include those colors. Will you add the, in your walls, your furniture, or your roller shades in Valley Stream? Try to avoid going over the top with colors. Less is more.

 Will Your Shades Be a Base? 

A great way to use your roller shades is as a base. Allow them to offer the start of your décor, working as a base to build up from. The best way to do that is to choose a neutral color for your shades.

 The benefit of neutral colors is they’ll always work for all types of decors and color schemes. The next time you come to remodel or redecorate, you’re not going to have to find a new set of window coverings. Work with white, cream, or light browns to start off the room right.

 What Thickness of Roller Shades in Valley Stream Do You Need?

 It’s not all about the colors of your material. You’ll also want to think about the thickness of the material. This is what affects the heating and lighting benefits you’ll gain from the shades.

 Do you want something that just filters the glare out? If so, you’ll likely want to look at a set of solar shades that roll up and down. If you want blackout shades, you’ll need to look for thicker fabrics or even vinyl shades.

 Think about the thickness for the coloring and the way the shades sit in your home. Don’t forget about dual shades, which can offer a solar shade and a roller shade element in one.

 Will You Double Up Your Window Treatments?

 If you don’t want a set of dual shades, you could look at doubling up your window treatments. You’ll have your roller shades in Valley Stream and then a set of drapes or curtains hanging on the outside of your window frames.

 You’ll gain more heating and lighting benefits, while offering better functional abilities. You’ll want to think of coloring and style when remodelling for two window coverings.

 Don’t just jump at the cheapest roller shades in Valley Stream. Make sure they work with your remodelling design ideas to give you the space you deserve.

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