4 Best Ways to Repurpose Your Old Shutters in Valley Stream

Before you throw out your old shutters in Valley Stream, you’ll want to see if you can repurpose them. The material can be one of the best to turn into something else and you can add to your interior design in ways you’ve never previously considered. Not sure where to start? Here are four ideas to get started with repurposing.

Create an Interior Window

Start by making a window – not a literal one! You can get a wooden frame that creates a traditional, four-box window and then add your old shutters either side. This is a great way to add some sort of decoration to the room and you can add photos in the four boxes of the windows. This could even become a section for key hooks, hanging reminders and bills, or just to create an aesthetically part of your home.

When hanging the shutters, you’ll want to sand them down and repaint them. Keep the window frame wood neutral and add some color with the shutters in Valley Stream.

Make a Rustic Headboard

Need to replace your bed’s headboard? It’s time to get the shutters out from the garage. You can varnish and repaint them to make them into a rustic headboard for your home.

Turn the shutters on their sides, so you’re working the longer edges on the horizontal. This should cover the whole bed. You may need to cut down your shutters or work two together to fit the whole length.

Create a Wooden Bench with Shutters in Valley Stream

Next, look at making a bench for your home. This can be great for your dining room, your porch, or even for the kids. The shutters will be the seat of the bench and you’ll need to get something like old table legs to work as the legs of the bench.

You could use two shutters either side of the legs. This creates a section at the bottom to rest your legs on, especially if you need a slightly taller bench so you can’t put your feet comfortably on the floor. Make sure the slats aren’t broken to make this work.

Make Your Own Sliding Doors

Want about repurposing your shutters in Valley Stream into a set of sliding doors? You can use them for a doorway to the porch, a doorway to another room, or even a doorway to your walk-in wardrobe. If you have old wooden shutters, consider the interior use more than the doors to porches. The shutters have already succumbed to heat and UV damage.

Just sand and varnish and you can use wooden shutters without anything else. You may want to paint into another color to work with the décor of your home. You’ll only need to add the shutters to a runner to create into sliding doors.

What are you doing with your old shutters in Valley Stream? Do you have repurposing projects on the go? Have these four started your ideas to find a new use instead of throwing them out? You’ll be surprised at how you can use shutters.

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