3 Top Benefits of Wooden Blinds in Merrick

There are so many different types of blinds and shades. Merrick wooden blinds are one of the more expensive options, but also offer some of the biggest benefits in terms of heating and lighting control. While some will tell you to opt for faux wood or even go all the way with shutters, there’s something about having natural wooden blinds. Here are all the benefits of wood blinds.

They Offer Plenty of Lighting Benefits

Most wooden blinds are Venetian style, which naturally offers far more lighting benefits than many other window treatments on the market. You can completely block out the light and create a full blackout effect. However, you can also twist the slats slightly, so you reduce the glare but don’t completely block out the light. This allows you to change the direction of the beams.

With the lighting benefits, you get better benefits against UV damage. You can make sure the UV rays sit on different parts of the room throughout the year, helping to reduce sun rot and fading.

When the blinds are closed, you will completely cut out the light because of the material. It’s dense and opaque and the slats will sit slightly over each other, creating better levels in bedrooms, especially during the day.

They Help Trap the Heat

When you want to gain more heating benefits in the home, you’ll want to look at wooden blinds in Merrick. One of the great benefits is the denseness, which helps to keep the heat on the right side of the window. You get the benefits in both the summer and winter.

By trapping the heat on the right side, you don’t need to use your HVAC systems as much. While the blinds may be among the more expensive options, they offer long-term financial benefits, so they work out the cheaper options for the home.

They Keep the Style in Your Home

One of the downsides of faux wood blinds is the way they can look cheap. Some styles look plastic, rather than the fake wood they’re meant to. This isn’t the case with wooden blinds in Merrick. The blinds are made of good quality wood. Sometimes they’re designed with a more rustic approach, while others look varnished and polished. There is something for all styles of homes.

The benefit you get is knowing that your blinds will look worth. They are stylish and don’t distract by drawing attention to the fact that you haven’t spent a lot of money. In fact, they can often be cheaper than the high-quality faux wood, because they’re easier to make! So you win on both accounts.

It’s time to consider Merrick wooden blinds. They don’t work in all rooms and there are downsides, but when you’re looking for something for your cottage, your living room, or even your bedroom, the benefits will far outweigh the odds. Now you just have to decide on the style of blinds you want to add to your home.

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