3 Steps to Spot the Problem with Your Shutters in East Rockaway

Your East Rockaway shutters look beautiful, but you don’t feel like they’re offering any heating benefits. During the middle of winter, your home can feel constantly freezing, despite the shutters supposedly insulating your home. Sometimes there’s a fault with your new shutters or old shutters can start to decay. It’s time to take these three steps to spot the problem with your.

Assess the Age

Before starting, assess the age of your shutters. If they’re new, there are high chances that the installation wasn’t done properly. Are there any gaps between your shutters and the window frames or the walls?

If they look well installed, check the look of the wood. Make sure there are no early signs of decay or rotting. There should be if they’re new, but mistakes can happen during the installation and creation stages.

When you have older shutters, they can start to deteriorate. This is why age is important to take into consideration. Sometimes it’s easier to buy new instead of trying to repair older problems.

Looking for Signs of Decay

When you clean your wooden shutters in East Rockaway, look for any signs that the wood is starting to decay. Most of the time, the shutters will have treatments that should protect against sun rot, but these treatments aren’t foolproof. Overtime they wear away and you may need to use them again to keep the shutters for the decades they’re meant to last.

If the decay has started, this is likely only to get worse. Initially small, the rot will spread to the rest of the shutters and you’ll eventually need to replace them. However, quick action at the earliest of signs can help to slow down the progression and prevent further damage.

Factor in Your Glazing

While you got shutters for insulation, they aren’t miracle workers. If you have poor glazing on your windows or poor weather-stripping, you’ll find that you still lose heat throughout the winter. You’ll need to rectify the window problems to help your East Rockaway shutters do their job. It can be worth spending a little extra on new glass panes.

Check the glazing putty, which holds the glass in place. If you feel the glass wiggles within the windows, the putty is cracking and disintegrating. You’ll lose heat through there and this will need replacing.

It may not just be your windows. Don’t forget about the doors in the home. Shut them all and then assess whether the room feels warmer. Likewise, use a draft excluder or drapes around the doors to see if the heat is escaping there instead!

Your shutters in East Rockaway should last for decades, as long as they’re made professionally. If they don’t, you want to look at your warranty and guarantee. Not all your problems are going to be linked to the shutters or even the windows. Check the whole home if you feel like there’s an issue, so you know which type of expect to get in touch with to fix.

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