3 Benefits of Long Beach Blinds Over Shades for Your Home

Many people will use the terms shades and blinds interchangeably. It’s understandable, since they both seem to do the same job. However, there are subtle differences between the two. Blinds in Long Beach can be far more beneficial for your home, especially one that gets a lot of direct sun during the summer. Here are the top three benefits of getting blinds instead of shades.

They Offer Better UV Protection

Blinds have a tendency to be more durable because of the material you use. You’re more likely to choose wood, faux wood or even vinyl for the blinds, creating something that will withstand the UV rays better. This is especially the case if you opt for vinyl or faux wood. These two materials have been made specifically to handle the heat and the intensity of the rays.

UV rays cause damage to other materials. They lead to bleaching of fabrics and the wearing down of the fibers. Faux wood blinds in Long Beach don’t suffer as much, so they cost less to add to your home in the long term.

On top of that, blinds offer protection for the rest of your room. There’s no need to shut the blinds completely to block the rays from hitting walls, carpets and upholstery. You can angle the rays to specific parts of the room to minimize damage.

They Offer Better Heating Benefits

Shades and blinds are touted as good options for heating benefits. During the winter, the heat will escape through the windows to the outside. In the summer, you have to put up with the heat of the sun adding extra heat to your room. Shades don’t offer the full range of benefits that Long Beach blinds do.

The material of blinds offers more insulation. Whether you get wood or faux wood, you’ll block more heat from escaping through the room, even when you have the slats open slightly. You can still get the daylight in. During the summer, you stop the sun coming in, causing rooms to overheat.

By getting more heating benefits, you’ll save money on your HVAC bills. While the blinds may be a little more expensive, they’re cheaper in the long run.

They Offer More Lighting Control

While shades can be quickly pulled down, once they’re down they can block all light coming into the room. That’s great on a night, but what about when you just want to minimize the glare? There are some types of shades that will help, but blinds in Long Beach are better. With blinds you get to angle the direction of the light.

If you find it’s stopping you from seeing your computer screen, you can angle the slats the opposite way. Need to stop the glare when you’re enjoying breakfast? Angle the slats up to keep the direct son away, without blocking all light.

There are plenty of options when it comes to window treatments, but make sure you get the best for your home. When choosing between Long Beach blinds and shades, opt for the more durable options.

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