Why You've Been Hanging Drapes Wrong Your Entire Life

Perfectly-dressed windows, like the kind you see on Instagram and Pinterest, are hard to replicate unless you have some experience in home decor. If you've ever tried to hang drapes, you know it's no easy task. Hang it right and you completely transform a room. Hang it wrong? You've turned the space into a hovel. Think you've been hanging drapes wrong your entire life? Here are some tips from the window treatment professionals at Budget Blinds.

Here's Why You've Been Hanging Drapes Incorrectly

1. You didn't realize the difference between drapes and curtains.

If you don't know a lot about window treatments, you'll want to learn before diving into home decor. First lesson? Learn the difference between curtains and drapes so you'll know what to shop. Drapes are lined curtain panels. Heavier than curtains, drapes can offer thermal properties to keep energy costs low and shade your room from excess sunlight. Curtains, on the other hand, are made of lighter-weight materials and don't work to shade the room.

2. You'll need more supplies than you thought.

Think you can hang new drapes with nothing more than a hammer and some rods? Think again. When it's time to hang your drapes, you'll need to plan ahead and gather some tools. You'll absolutely need a measuring tape, a hammer, nails, possibly a screwdriver, some screws, and a pencil. Depending on your height, you might also need a step-stool. Find all the hardware you need to hang drapes here.

3. You didn't measure.

Don't roll your eyes....your mother was right. Before you can properly hang drapes, you need to measure your windows. Every window can be different so its best to measure and record the height of each. Measure each window from the outside of the bottom trim to the outside edge of the top trim. Then, you should measure from the outside edge of the left trim to the outside edge of the right trim. Take these measurements into consideration when purchasing your drapes.

4. You purchased the wrong curtain rod.

Buying the wrong size curtain or drape rod can leave you in a bit of a predicament, too. Choose one that's too wide and you'll find it hard to hide. As a best practice, your curtain rod should be no more than 1.3x the width of the window. When you purchase a new curtain rod, also consider the weight of your curtains and drapes. Ask yourself if the rod you've chosen is sturdy enough. For heavy drapes, a heartier rod is preferable.

5. You didn't hire the professionals.

The best way to ensure you hang picture-perfect drapes? Hire a professional. Installing new window treatments can be tricky, but a professional has seen it all. They know exactly what tools they need to get the job done and can quickly analyze a wall to determine the stylish design. A window-covering designer will also be able to explain the benefits of each type of drape, find you the best fabric, and recommend drapery and window solutions for your specific lifestyle.

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