Why You Should Still Clean Your Window Screens During the Winter

Bless the soul who created window screens! Getting to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor sounds of the Pacific Northwest without bugs or even an occasional bird invading our space, is wonderful during those comfortable weather months. But what do you do with your screens during the winter? It’s unusual to have your Everett windows open when the temperatures have dropped, and weather conditions can wreak havoc on their lifespan. Do you leave them in, or store them for winter? How do you clean them effectively? We let you know how to take the best care of your screens, to ensure the best care for your windows!

Screen Cleaning 101

We’re sure you’ve noticed when your screen is dirty. Suddenly it’s not so clear to see through - there is a dark haze over your entire view. Your screens collect dust, dirt, and salty sea air (if you’re on the Washington coast). It’s recommended that window screens are cleaned twice a year - once before the holidays, and once during spring when winter has run it’s course. While cleaning your window screens is not a hard task, it is delicate. You want to be sure to use the right products and pressure so that you keep the quality of the screen in tact. Here are three simple steps to screen cleaning:

  1.  Vacuum the screen - use a soft brush attachment or a handheld vacuum to gently run along the entire span of the screen.
  2.  Put some simple dish soap in a little bucket, use a soft brush or sponge, and lightly scrub the screen with soap and water.
  3.  Rinse the screen with a hose, patting the dry on both sides with mopping pads (i.e.Swiffer pads). Set screens out to dry in the sunshine.

Simple, right?  

To Store, or Not To Store

The majority vote says to store your screens, here’s why:

  1.  Improved solar heat gain - you get 30 to 40 percent more natural light coming in the windows when they are without screens. More natural light, means more amount of solar heat penetrating the windows. More solar heat means less heating bills, which is prime for winter.
  2.  More sunshine also means less artificial lights, which will help fight any type of seasonal blues as well as aid in reducing energy bills (which will also help that seasonal sadness).
  3.  Severe winter weather is never predictable in the Pacific Northwest. During a storm, the wind can blow snow into the window which can in turn be trapped between the screen and the frame potentially causing damage to both parts. If snow piles up, the weight of the snow can even split the screens making them worthless for the next season.

Once your screens are clean and dry, make it easier for yourself in the spring by labeling each screen to match its corresponding window before placing the screens in a cool, dry area for the season. Then, when the Snohomish, Washington winter is over, you’ll have fresh, clean screens to easily place onto your windows so you can let that sweet breeze in to air out all that winter hibernation.

Keeping your window screens clean and in good condition, will help your window frames, treatments, and coverings to all remain protected, clean, and without damage. Every time you clean your screens, take the opportunity to inspect your window frames and check for any gaps or cracks that may need repaired. Doing everything in one swift method will keep you insulated and happy no matter if you’re keeping heat in, or cooling your Mill Creek, Washington house out.

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