Why Blackout Curtains Can Give You a Great Night’s Sleep

Not getting a full night’s rest? Melatonin hasn't kicked in? Blocking the light in your sleep space can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer—all you need is a fresh set of blackout curtains. Here’s why.

Why Light Matters When You Sleep

When it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep, light matters. Rooms with excess windows can let in the glow of street lights after dark and the bright and show off the shining sun at 6 a.m. Neither situation is conducive to a proper sleep—but why? 

Science has found that cells in your eyes are designed to pick up the presence or absence of light. These cells can signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up and they give you energy. Block out light will help you ramp up melatonin production and improve your overall sleep.

How Blackout Curtains Can Help You Sleep

Blackout curtains are the perfect addition to any bedroom if you’re looking to block out light and better control the indoor temperature. But, how do they help you sleep?

Block out light and sound.

Keeping the light out of your room helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Blackout curtains can block out sunlight, bright streetlights, and city noise. Turn your bedroom into a personal oasis no matter what time you have to sleep. Add blackout curtains to a dorm room for afternoon naps or to your bedroom if you’re working the night shift. 

Shield your room from extreme temperatures.

Blackout drapes are also constructed with fabric that helps control the indoor climate. Its thick material can help shield your home from the sun’s harmful rays in summer and lock in warm air in the winter—all this while reducing your overall heating and cooling bill. Shop energy-saving options when searching for the perfect blackout curtains for your space.

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