What is the best blind slat size for your windows?

You've narrowed down your window treatment options, and have chosen blinds to be the winner in your home. Great! Blinds are some of our favorite! (Hence, Budget Blinds...yes, you can laugh). They are so versatile and really fit all shapes, sizes and styles. But maybe you're wondering what blinds are best for you? Before you began this process, you had no idea there were so many options! Wood blinds, aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds, fabric blinds...not to mention the actual slat sizes for each style. Thankfully, Snohomish Budget Blinds can handle all the details while creating the perfect fit for your windows. You choose the style, we can do the rest. Here are some of our favorite blind size guidelines to get you started.

Small Windows

Not every blind size is appropriate for every window. Of course, you can use any size you want! But for a look that feels fluid in the space, you'll want to pay attention to the window size for guidance. The most common slat size (slat = the individual blind piece) is 2 inches - which fits the majority of windows. But if you have a small window, you will want to go with the smaller slat options so the blinds don't seen disproportionate to the frame. You will notice the smaller slats allow for less room in between each slat, which means less space for light to shine through. The smaller slats help blinds blend in more, creating a subtle look in the room.

Medium Windows

Medium windows are typically the home to the 2 inch slats. This is the size you'll find most blinds to be, premade. Because we are going for the size that fits the best for each window size, it makes sense to choose this size. Kind of like goldilocks and the 3 bears -- this one is just right. However, with a medium size window you have the flexibility to choose a different slat size based on preference. You can play with smaller or larger slats, depending on your goals. Smaller slats will block out more light, and also provide more privacy even when open. Larger slats will bring a chunky look to the window, and allow natural light into the room without opening the blinds completely.

Large Windows

Large windows are some of the hardest to cover effectively. You don't want to go too small, or you'll risk a chaotic, busy appearance. Stick with 2-2 ½ inches for the slat size. Because large windows require more blinds, you'll want to choose your blind material wisely so they don't end up being too heavy. Real wood blinds are a great, lighter option - and it actually a more effective option than faux wood in this scenario (they are surprisingly heavier!).

Since we live in the Pacific Northwest - Everett, Snohomish, Mill Creek (the list goes on), we are not limited on any type of window! When the Washington sun is out, most want to let that sunshine in while we can. But, we also have those northern winters where perhaps we need a little extra insulation. Next time you're shopping for blinds, make sure to ask slat size options with your window size in mind. We can help you make a great decision based on your specific window and space.

If this Budget Blinds of Snohomish County article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality.

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