Valance: The Piece You Might Be Missing

What is a Valance? Just because you may not recognize the word, doesn't mean you haven't seen them everywhere. A Valance is an ornamental drapery, decorative board, or metal strip mounted across the top of a window, sometimes to conceal structural fixtures. You may initially associate them with older generations, but don't be fooled --- these decorative pieces aren't outdated. In fact, you can find one for every type of style -- even the most modern, sleek home. Check out the range of styles below as we map out some examples for you!


When most people see a valance, they identify it with a more traditional, early American time, or with stoic historical buildings such as the White House. This is because these type of buildings feature the most formal type of valance -- which usually displays a lot of jabots and cascades in the material. Even though they certainly look the part traditionally, valances are far from limited to a traditional setting.


Yes, a valance can work in a contemporary space! Valances can come in many designs and colors, allowing you to contrast with the rest of the room and compliment the overall feel of design. Instead of using heavy material, light, flowing material can be used to cascade from the hinges, and styled to create a clean line, adding softness and dimension to the room.


Have you ever seen in insanely glamorous room? This type of room is full of sharp designs, bold colors, bright features. A bold colored valance can really add to the entire atmosphere. Whether it's hot pink or dark blue, the entire window area comes to life with this added feature, bringing an edgy flare to the entire room.


Love the rustic feel? Whether you live in the country or not, your home is your domain. No need for a valance to be ultra feminine or extra plush --- it can simply be a plank of upholstered wood! Or, if you didn't want the fabric on the wood, you could nix the fabric and stain the wood to your liking. The purpose of the valance is to normally cover the roller mechanism of woven wood shades, so layering the plank of wood on top would have the same outcome. This will create a modern, woodsy, rustic feel when you want to step into your home and escape.

Beach Life

If you live near the ocean or have vacationed anywhere tropical, you may have seen a tiki-hut like valance at some point! These are a fun way to bring the beach life home, spicing up the room like your own personal luau. Add some sea shells and tropical colors around the room and its like you disappeared to your favorite vacation spot.


But maybe you just want that homey feel. You know, the one where dinner is on the table, family is close by, and the cozy close quarters are soothing to your soul. Perhaps you have a kitchen window over your sink while you do the dishes. A nice patterned valance can add to the soft, home life feel - possibly creating a slight "chic" and inviting look.


Single men or a husband who wants that man cave....there are still valances for you. You don't have to go with any of the other styles and compromise your taste. In this case, the rest of the room will make the big difference. Consider mixing a wood valance to contrast leather furniture, or a dark brown valance to complement the masculine room. Most designs aren't solely masculine or feminine, it takes the rest of the decor to tip the scale one way or another. A valance can truly be the icing on the (window)"cake" in this situation.

We've given you just a few examples out of limitless options on how to use a valance. It's easy to get accustomed to a perception of something simply from the past --- but when you expand your creativity and vision, that same thing can turn into many current, new options. Maybe a valance is the missing piece to your room.

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